9 responses to “Off Duty

    • Really?! How fun! We loved it there, spent a month at Eagle Beach (of course we visited other places too, hahah, but that’s where our hotel was). Such a friendly and laid-back place! Very seasonal though, towards the end of our stay, cruiseship tourists started showing up and crowding the beach. The first part of the holiday we had a long stretch of pristine beach pretty much to ourselves!!! Whereabouts are you staying? Have a great trip, can’t wait to see photos!!


      • We are staying in the Palm Beach area, but we did opt to rent a car since it will be our first time there and want to be able to get around to all the locations. A month!! That’s awesome. We are there for 5 nights. I suspect it’ll be a busier time since it’s over Easter. Unfortunately, we have no control over the teens’ spring break. Once they all head off to college, I anticipate traveling as less crowded times! 😉

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        • True! That time will probably come sooner than you think (time flies!).
          Palm Beach was very touristy, but on the plus side, lots of the snorkeling tours leave from there if you’re interested in a boat ride. Oh, and the butterfly farm at Palm Beach was a fun place! At least for us, since we don’t see that kind of thing over here.
          Anyway, it’s a small island and with a car you can see so much! 🙂

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