Shaky Travel Snaps

This post contains quick snaps, and that’s never good news! Uh-oh. I was just saying a couple of posts ago that I wanted to focus on quality and here I am.

But what can I say? I can’t resist participating in the WPC, and its theme this week is A Face in the Crowd. As I’ve said before, I don’t like taking (or posting) photos of strangers unless they are totally unrecognizable… simply because I wouldn’t want to be photographed myself and then posted somewhere without my knowing. (If you ask permission, that is of course a whole other story!)

Luckily the WPC prompt didn’t encourage people to candidly photograph strangers. And I’m only human, sometimes people happen to be in my shots, too.

So… here are my hopefully unrecognizable snaps:

Waikiki, Oahu (Hawaii) 2010 – nice view from our hotel room

An evening in Tokyo, 2009

33 responses to “Shaky Travel Snaps

      • Yes, we’ve had clear, sunny days but it’s gone very cold. Although not as cold as Tampere, it actually feels worse as its much damper here. Hope you will have a good weekend. Next winter the boys will be able to enjoy a little play in the snow – that will be fun for all of you! Marion

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  1. Hihi, if you took the bus photo in Slovenia, all women would have the same dyed red shade. Several foreigners have noticed it already how popular that shade is in Slovenia.

    As for the Monte Carlo Casino, we passed by it that time when I was on our way to the Loire castles and Paris with two girlfriends, and we’d packed heels for the very reason of going into this casino and then were denied entrance because not all of us were 21 yet. I never went to any other casino since.

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    • I also heard about a strict dress code and it put me off. Couldn’t be bothered to pretend to be fancy!
      Some of the women in the tram also have similar scarves and are reading the newspaper – obviously an old pic because now everyone just stares at their phone! 🙂

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