10 responses to “Black and White: Day 7

  1. Love it – the circling binkies, with tea – coffee – though you’re probably into the heavy stuff these days – esspresso? Thanks for the fun!

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  2. Ohh, lovely! You’ve got a very Finnish sense of style. 🙂 I’m really glad you played – not because you were my only nomination. 😉 It seems that you had much fun with it and didn’t suffer too much due to lack of colours. Keep it up!

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  3. I’m absolutely sure I am following you yet I’ve somehow unfollowed you or god knows what happened, I even wondered why you are not posting any more of the 7-day bw challenge lol 🙂
    this is a lovely diptych, I admire you blogging and taking such beautiful photos with two babies at home 🙂 hope you find more time for coffee and photos in the future ♥

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    • Thanks Alexandra for your kind words and I’m happy you re-followed! 😄 Coffee is definitely a part of my day now, hehee – and blogging a good way to take a quick break whenever I get the chance. By visiting blogs from around the world I feel like I’ve just done a little virtual round the world trip. How time efficient is that! 😄

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