In the Swiss Mountains

What do a Pac-Man-shaped sticker on a mailbox and a medieval castle have in common?


Sightseeing in Gruyères, Switzerland, can look like this.

As winter is slowly creeping upon us here in the north, these photos seem relevant to me, even though they were taken during spring. There’s a certain timelessness both in the season as well as in the village itself.

And those cows! This isn’t my first Swiss cow post (not even my second one), so I guess it’s time to admit that I’m just fascinated by them!

The photos are from my trip in April-May 2016
More cows here and here

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Looks like you are amongst many fellow-cow lovers!

I grew up & live in a city, so we really don’t have much opportunity to see cows. But when we travel through areas & countries which afford cows, they always create much excitement! I still recall many years ago, when I first visited the Highlands in Scotland, the highlight of my trip were sightings of their very adorable Highland Cows.

By the way, I love castles too!

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Such great photos, like always 🙂 In Nepal, there is a very widespread belief that Switzerland is the world’s most beautiful country. I have never been there but it certainly looks pretty and relaxed on the photos. I have been to Austria and it was pretty similar to Switzerland, although I suspect that Switzerland might be more organized, cleaner and wealthier. 🙂 I love those photos of cows, I am always on a lookout for them here whenever we go on long drives, but haven’t yet had a chance to see them up close!
This past summer I was at my boyfriend’s cousin’s place in the countryside and her house was full of cow goodies. Fridge magnets, little cow sculptures, photo frames, toys and what-not. She was clearly so fascinated by cows. I’ve noticed that in Europe spotted cows are more common. In Nepal, it’s usually full brown or black ones. Nepalese people clearly love cows and even worship them due to Hinduism 😉 Cows are considered synonymous with mothers/providers and also live representations of Goddess Laxmi who stands for happiness, luck and prosperity. Interesting, isn’t it. 🙂

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Thanks for such a lovely, long comment! Yay! 😄 I can see why cows are worshipped, their serenity is very impressive. I’ve been to Vienna, but haven’t seen Austria’s countryside, but I imagine it’s pretty similar to its neighboring countries. Switzerland was indeed very pretty, clean, and organized! Nice to travel somewhere easy where everything works fine. Though it was very expensive there, and as a Finn I don’t say that often!!! Hope you get to visit it someday! We saw lots of cow magnets, etc, but didn’t buy any cow stuff! Just my photos are enough! 😉

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