Detail of a Travel Moment

Sometimes you stumble upon something that truly catches your attention, amidst all the clutter, the must-sees, and the noisy advertisements of a new place.

Inside the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (2012)

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was massive, the ceiling so high, the colors so intense, the fine decorations so beautiful… Looking up, the perspective so extreme…


28 responses to “Detail of a Travel Moment

  1. I was in Istanbul last year on a transit stop. We managed to see few major attractions including Hagia Sophia, but we didn’t have the time to wait on the long queue to go inside the mosque. I would have loved to go inside as I’ve only heard excellent things about it and your photo says the same. 🙂

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  2. wow – love how you worded the details we stumble upon in a moment (love the passion) and of course – the photo is wonderful – have a crick in my neck tho from looking up so long (kidding)

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  3. Before even reading I knew it was Hagia Sofia. I was disappointed by it, I guess because I expected so much more. And to be able to see it without literally half of it blocked with scaffolding. But I did still find the pockets of exquisite beauty there.

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