I feel like there’s a certain end of the world feeling to this photo…

Like they’re sitting there calmly, contemplating which way they should head. Watching the world end.

Celebrities without the fame…

Again, an exception to a rule I have… This time, to the rule of not photographing strangers. My logic isn’t flawless and I do love silhouettes. How I justify this to myself is that these people aren’t recognizable – if I was one of them, I wouldn’t be able to tell. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my previous post!)

12 responses to “Dystopia

  1. What a calm and contemplative shot!
    I agree with your ethic of not filming strangers. I was on a river cruise recently when someone just began snapping away at other passengers without asking – very rude.

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  2. I think silhouettes look great in black and white. I am sure if you can’t see the faces it is ok. I hate taking shots in places where there are crowds, I also try to avoid having my face in a photo if I see someone taking a photo, I usually try to turn around or something.

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  3. Wow love the shot and the caption 🙂 And yes its a debatable matter of taking photographs of strangers. I mean suppose you are in a restaurant and want to take a photo of the ambience, you cannot go and ask each table if you can do so right? :\ But, if its an exclusive shot we must 🙂 Anyways eager to read your next post to know your thoughts on this 🙂

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