Thursday Doors: Two-Day Drama

During our 2 day stay in Gruyères, we happened to experience both spring and winter. The first day was a rainy and cold spring day in April, like the ones we had just witnessed in Zürich, and we went to sleep imagining the weather the next day would be similar. (I was secretly hoping for sunshine.)

When we woke up, however, it was May and the ground and trees were covered in a thick white layer. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It had snowed! Overnight, it had become winter again, just like that. No one even asked us. By evening, though, the snow had turned back into rain.

So here’s a double set of pictures: the same door during two consecutive days.

I like how massive the stone building looks compared to the door and the green vines add an extra something. It looks old. The door is very modest compared to the rest, which makes me think this was built to be a farm house, storage house, or maybe a monastery of some sort. That the people who went through that door didn’t need (or didn’t get) anything fancier.

For Norman Frampton’s Thursday Doors

27 responses to “Thursday Doors: Two-Day Drama

  1. Oh my goodness!! Well this would be typical for Finland 😉 Great that you got to capture both even though the snow might not have been so welcome, LOL!

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    • You’re right. We just had the coldest winter in over 50 years and then we had the warmest month of May in over 50 years! And now, in June, it’s only 9 C and the cold, strong wind is piercing… For a while there, in May, it was quite nice

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  3. Two seasons in one go – can’t be bad. How great for photographers, like you, too. The door does look rather tiny, set in that towering wall. I really like the enlarged b/w picture.

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