Friday Dreams

My mind flies back to Hawaii…

Ala Moana beach park, Oahu in 2010


10 responses to “Friday Dreams

  1. i lived in hawaii for a bit and could not get enough of its beauty and would love to go back again someday…your photos bring back so many memories…you seem to capture the right moment each time

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    • You’re too kind! And very lucky to have lived in Hawaii!!! If I didn’t need a green card, which I don’t have, being European, I’d move there in a split second! 😉 I spent my childhood in Australia and Hawaii reminded me very much of it – even the fact that many places were still called by their indigenous names. I just instantly felt at home.

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      • I live in Malaysia now where its sunny year round but I was a nomad for awhile when I had job assignments. Hawaii is probably the only warm destination I would want to stay in. It was truly the best year of my life there. Australia is amazing too…..much to offer.

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