Haleakala, Maui

The beautiful, volcanic colors of Haleakalā, Maui…

Haleakalā volcano, Maui, Hawaii 2010

The Daily Post’s weekly challenge asked for a landscape shot. Which made me think, aren’t most of my shots landscapes? Somehow, when I hear “landscape photography”, I tend to think of views from a hike with forest and mountains. But is a beach photo a landscape photo? I’m playing it safe and posting some pictures of a moonlike landscape from the top of a volcano!

I was going to crop and reframe this second photo so that the plant is on the very right edge, but then I decided I actually liked it this way, with the plant almost in the middle. Throwing out all composition rules. Not that I ever think of those rules when photographing, I just take pictures how I see them. Photography is art, and art has no rules.

The sand displayed all hues of color, from red to purple to black

If you’re ever in Maui, Haleakalā is worth a visit. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

29 responses to “Haleakala, Maui

  1. > Photography is art, and art has no rules.

    Yeah! But no matter how much I agree with this, I can’t help but wonder about all the things that live beyond my photographic awareness. It’s coming along slowly. I might read a post on light and shutter speed, for example, or see a video about Anselm Adams and his 11 zones. But the next time I take photos and try to think about all that, I go ‘naaaah’.

    However, I have the grid on my display at all times, and align the damn horizon, and place pieces of interest on intersections and bushes in the foreground. I think I might be rather obedient deep inside. 😀

    And I love it that you put that bush wherever it pleases you.


  2. Gorgeous landscape – great choice! It actually reminds me of the volcano landscape photo I took in Nicaragua (and passed off as my little fantasy island yesterday!), but your photos are much better. I like the depth.

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  4. Thought like you: “aren’t most of my pictures landscapes pictures?” so now, How do I choose only 1? I showed the one that came up first into my mind and realized afterwards it was one of mountains when I love the beach so much.
    Like-minded, I tell you.
    A volcano on an island? Just what I wanted to see anyway! 😉 Thanks for the trip again!

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