Images of Helsinki, Part Two

Helsinki is a mix of many architectural styles, like most cities are…

I don’t usually do direct quotes but this time I couldn’t rephrase it any better. As Wikipedia puts it, “The National Romantic style was a Nordic architectural style that was part of the National Romantic movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is often considered to be a form of Art Nouveau.”

Helsinki is a mix of many architectural styles, like most cities are, and other styles include neoclassicism, functionalism, and the more ordinary-looking newer buildings that I won’t even bother taking pictures of for my blog. The images here are from the center of town. If you ever visit Helsinki, I recommend you wander around a bit on foot.

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Thanks! It’s an apartment building in the centre of town (a different central area than the monster in your challenge). There are other ones with those “princess towers” elsewhere in town, and also other green apartment buildings…but I liked the combination of the two

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