Helsinki In Pictures, Part One

Strolling around Helsinki (Finland) with my camera – these photos are from last year.

The buildings, on the other hand, are from an earlier time, when a troll was something entirely different from today’s definition…

Part Two coming sometime soon


18 responses to “Helsinki In Pictures, Part One

  1. Lots of great carvings – on stone as well as wooden doors. Are the ‘ugly little creatures’ images of the trolls you mentioned? They remind me of gargoyles around the tops of churches.

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      • I couldn’t agree more. I hate modern buildings. They all look like boring boxes to me. I love all the old, ornate architecture – but I know I’m old fashioned and we have to move on.

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          • I don’t see how any of us can stand in the way of ‘progress’ – more’s the pity. I have to say, some modern buildings have elaborate designs, too, but they just don’t have a ‘look’ that I like. They tend to be more glass windows than anything else. Personally, I haven’t moved on very far at all. I’m still stuck in my 1960s timewarp – with a love of anything remotely historical.

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