Sunset on Skis

From the Levi Ski Resort, Lapland 2014

Well, I don’t actually ski, I just liked the sound of that title! I took this photo while exploring on foot. The sun set at around 2:30 pm so I almost missed this view!

23 responses to “Sunset on Skis

  1. Another great shot, and now I know what time the sun sets up there in Lapland – probably an hour and a half later than it sets here in December. Such a short day, especially when you’re out there to photograph as much as you can. It sounds as though you had a fantastic stay up there.

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    • We did! 🙂 Thanks for all the comments and for stopping by! Btw, I’m planning on doing the book post around the 24th of January, if all goes well. So just in case pingbacks don’t work, stop by then! Well, I’ll probably write you a comment to let you know anyway 🙂

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      • I know you aren’t comfortable writing reviews, so be assurred, I’m just happy that you read the book. I can see that a review post would be very different to your usual type of post, so please just accept my deepest thanks and appreciation that you liked ‘Shadow’ enough to suggest writing a review! 🙂

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        • It would be fun, because I love writing! Like a little project 🙂 What I’m worried about is what if I misrepresent it, say something wrong or in general just don’t do it justice… That makes me abit nervous 🙂 It’ll probably be a short post. I actually did a book post at the beginning of my blogging “career”…. I love reading!

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          • Well, if you’re sure, then all I can do is thank you. Reviews are all very different. There’s no set formula, just say what you thought about the book. Some people do the whole, methodical thing and go through aspects like characterisation, plot/storyline, favourite parts etc. (or if they don’t like a book, they say why). Others do a general summary. So whatever you do will be your own way, and that’s that.

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