“Love nature”

An empty coffee cup shoved into a stone wall in the park, next to a beautiful flower arrangement.

The trash can wasn’t even far away.

– Part II of my entry to this week’s DP photo challenge –
Feb 9, 2016: Entering this into Sylvain Landry’s photo challenge


24 responses to “Unconnected

  1. Thank you for your post – I was once 4 days into a week-long tramp deep in the Southern Alps. 4 days of pristine scenery, beautiful wildlife and voracious sandflys; when I stumbled across a pair of rubber kitchen gloves? Go figure! It has always stayed with me and I am now well aware of man’s singular determination to advertise his presence everywhere.

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    • True, it could be left on purpose… that would be quite cynical, as you said! My initial reaction was that it was just discarded, abandoned without thought. But you’ve just made me think of a very sinister individual with a dark sense of humor…! :O (It could have been a teenager as well, not meaning anything at all by it. Or anyone, really!)


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