Montevideo in Pictures

After our few days in Punta del Este were up, we took the bus to Montevideo, just as a huge Formula E racing event was getting started at the beach. The event was already attracting tourists though it had barely started and it seemed to be prepping the summer season off to a nice start.

The bus ride from Punta del Este to Montevideo took a couple of hours and the price was equivalent to about 4 euros. The bus was extremely comfortable. Actually, I’ve never even seen buses as nice and modern as that anywhere – Uruguay is officially number one on my “country with the best buses” list!

Tango dancing – not on the streets this time but on the walls

At first glance, Montevideo wasn’t quite as easygoing and clean-cut as the beach had been, but as a huge city some traffic and dirt are of course to be expected. Our weekend visit was short and it felt almost like we were just taking a very sneaky quick peek. We hardly had the time to venture further than the central areas so we started by walking over to the Old Town (la Ciudad Vieja).

From Mercado del Puerto

On a weekend morning, it felt deserted – until we arrived outside the old market hall, Mercado del Puerto.

Near the old town

There, locals were loudly and merrily socializing over smokey barbecued lunch (which smelled amazing) and those who had enjoyed a bit too much to drink were sitting – or swaying – on the streets nearby.

All my photos are apparently of walls! Here, an Edith Piaf event poster

I love walking and luckily hubby doesn’t mind either. It’s a great way to see a new city. So we walked along the various beach ramblas all the way from the ciudad vieja to a huge “Montevideo” sign on a little hill further away.

No explanations needed

Cutting through the residential streets on the way back, it was all in all a 4,5 hour walk at a leisurely pace.

The beach ramblas were a nice walk

The sun was scorching hot, Montevideo’s beachgoers were sunbathing on the urban sand beaches, and kids were happily swimming in the brown water.

No happily swimming kids in this picture, but I swear they were there!

The long beach promenade was a popular hangout, with mate apparently being the preferred drink.

So green. This is an Irish pub, by the way

On the walk back through the calm, empty streets, we saw that many, many buildings had artistic wall paintings. Streets were lined with trees, conveniently sheltering against the sun. At times, it looked like Paris or Rome.

Mural painted by an unknown artist (unknown to me!)

I love exploring new cities this way.

That house looks interesting, so much taller than its neighbors

Our next stop was Colonia del Sacramento.

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22 responses to “Montevideo in Pictures

  1. I really enjoyed the walk around Montevideo with you. You presented a great selection of photos – and Irish pubs seem to just find their way everywhere! Those locals certainly knew how to spend their weeked lunchtimes! I can’t imagine they’d get much done the rest of the day, either, in that condition.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m not sure if it’s safe, we didn’t. Some streets looked a bit sketchy but it could just be a false first impression! I’m no expert, it was such a quick visit! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment, Indah!


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  3. I really enjoyed your photos from Montevideo in Uruguay. South America appeals to me as an attractive travel destination, having never been there before.. I love walking for hours and exploring new cities that way too! 🙂 The promenade along the beach sounds lovely but I am biased towards coastal cities 🙂

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