Night Energy

Train station at night

JR train station – Tokyo, Japan

I was thinking of posting a few street photos from Tokyo next and Daily Post’s Photo Challenge today happened to fit quite well. The challenge is to interpret being “on the way” to somewhere and since my blog is about traveling and photography, this is basically what I do all the time – both in my blog and in my daily life 🙂 

I visited Tokyo some years ago with my husband and my camera wasn’t that great back then. But with such an interesting city, you’re bound to get a few interesting shots anyway. I snapped this one while on the way to the train station, as we were crossing a pedestrian bridge above the platforms. I kind of like the energy or the atmosphere in this photo, I don’t really know why – maybe because I was there myself and to me, this photo is unmistakably very Tokyo. I also like the shapes, lines, shadows and almost monochrome colors.

As always, I’m also looking forward to checking out other bloggers’ entries! That’s why I like these photo challenges so much 🙂

9 responses to “Night Energy

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  2. Very nice shot! I also love that one big bridge here where I live, walk over it and look down at the platforms. There’s a place nearby that is even named “sea of platforms” – I really like that!

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