Metals Come to Life

Street scene – train passing above street level, in downtown Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan

This is one of my favorite Tokyo photos because of the motion, shapes, lights, and reflecting surfaces. It’s like metal came to life. I’m linking it to Where’s my backpack’s Modern travel theme challenge.

The photo is a bit grainy because I only had a touristy little camera back then, but I think the graininess kind of adds to the atmosphere. Though digital, it still reminds me of the days when we took photos on film and a lot of the time they ended up a bit imperfect, but still treasured. I often bought disposable cameras for trips back then, which seems weird now!

9 responses to “Metals Come to Life

  1. It is interesting for me to know what is interesting about Japan for tourists from outside Japan. It is very ordinary scene to me (as Japanese0. I see a lot of foreigners in Tokyo every day and I like to see what tourists take photos.

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    • I can understand that, I’m also curious of how new eyes see my neighbourhood. When I think of Tokyo, I think of light signs everywhere – lights and sounds. Unfortunately I can’t read what the Japanese signs say. I’d really like to travel there again and visit other places, we only stayed for one week and so we didn’t really have time to leave Tokyo. It was very interesting and I liked it a lot! What destination would you recommend visiting in Japan if we go back one day?

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