Finland Storytelling

Time Never Stops

It’s silent, even the leaves are still. A lone squirrel stares at me.

I’m walking and entertaining myself with thoughts of the mysteries of life. Mysteries such as: What really happens to all those socks that go missing in the washing machine? Why do all my kids’ clothes have holes? Where is all that dust coming from? Why do hairdressers always style your hair in such a silly way just before you leave? Why does WordPress keep making editing harder? Is the moon actually made of cheese, and what kind?

My kids are just entering the “Mummy, why?” phase, and soon we’ll be able to keep each other company with our musings.

I’m on my way to pick them up at daycare. I think of yesterday, how dark it was during the afternoon. I’d walked past a playground and seen a dad pushing his daughter in a swing. It had looked odd, absurd even, like who would take their kid out to play in black, eery darkness? My kids were asking, Mummy, is it nighttime?

I’m pale and drowsy from constant lack of sunlight.

The daily routines that offer kids comfort are largely what I’ve been avoiding all my life. I used to do all I could to shake it up. But now… Life is happening right here, and I’m the one creating the routines. I’m solving the mysteries, fighting the darkness, tolerating the uncertain.

So, let’s go with the flow. Let’s indulge in chocolate and gain some winter weight. Like squirrels, let’s stock up on fat. Like bears, let’s embrace the sleepy vibe. Work doesn’t hibernate, but let’s get comfy, since working from home is a luxury.

In the past few weeks, I’ve laughed with a friend over virgin mango mojitos, seen a magician pull out a live dove from his empty hand, and responded to neighbors’ seasonal lights by adding our own. I’m ignoring the world, selectively.

See you in May, I say to the flowers someone has left in the wind. The sun is setting again.

44 replies on “Time Never Stops”

Gain winterweight. Today is what we call Sint Maarten (Saint Martin), when kids roam the street with lampoons and sing songs hoping for sweets. Traditionally there’s lots of candy bars left after the streets are safe again. We can’t chuck them away can we? Soon we’ll welcome Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, or Santa) who brings sugar beasts and marsipan, and after that it’s christmas… Sister squirrel and brother bear are on my doorstep. Come in guys. It’s the time of the year. Again. 🙂

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Sumptious vignette of life in Finland as you approach winter. I remember resenting the mind-numbing routine of motherhood and raising children. Routines are a pain, but ironically, it is just what kids need to feel secure and their environment stable and predictable. They thrive on it. Looking back, it seems that I too have learned to love routine as I age, even when there are no more little kids around for it to be necessary.
Continue to embrace it, Snow. It is like a warm rug on a cool night, wrapping you up but also offering comfort. Stick a bare toe out from underneath the blanket and it gets cold, snuggle underneath and everything is hyggelig!
I love the light in that first photo! I will keep coming back to look at that for some time, transporting me to the North for a moment!

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I love the routine rug you painted in your comment! ❤️ Routines can feel especially comforting during a pandemic, too. And your comment got me thinking: maybe I’ll become an early morning person when the kids are grown up, like you became a routine person – who knows?


Oh I love this piece, I can totally relate.
Why oh why seems so everlasting and up until now I still haven´t found what I´m looking for.
Why my daughter always lost her glove? what to do with the other one? should I just throw the other one as well?
I love that one last photo, even plants deserves a change. They are allowed to sit in a right perfect chair, not always on pots!

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Oh my, I totally forgot that from my list! What to do when the other glove/mitten/sock has gone missing? Wait for it to show up? Buy a similar pair and keep the third as a spare? Or chuck it?! 😁 Kids should come with a guide book!


Your photos are more cheerful than your text, but they compliment each other. Routines are both a blessing and a curse. It seems like there are times we embrace them and times when we rebel, but either way, they’re an integral part of life. I hope you find a happy medium and, of course, stay warm this winter.

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I see the last of autumn colors in your photos, looks lovely and peaceful to walk along with the yellow leaves! Autumn is my favorite season and makes me happy to see it, thanks for sharing! I too feel that routine comes with age and like a cycle it will get less routine as we aged even more.

Stay warm this winter and look forward the season transition in your coming posts 🙂

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Thank you for taking us along on this walk, and sharing your thoughtful ruminations. One of the best things about alone time in nature – space & opportunity to mull over those mysteries of life.

“Life is happening right here, and I’m the one creating the routines. I’m solving the mysteries, fighting the darkness, tolerating the uncertain.” This is my favourite favourite part.

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“Where is all that dust coming from?”
Where IS it coming from? Please let me know when you find out the cure for it that doesn’t involve constant dusting.
Ugh, I noticed it getting darker sooner and I’m not a fan. I can only imagine how bad it is over there. See you in May 😀

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I enjoyed going along on your walk, and learning about what you were thinking. I, too, resist routines, but have to have them in order to survive as an adult. It’s a tedious balance some days, other days it seems like a breeze.

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