Wordless Travel Photo

This photo is for Dusty, who kindly asked me to participate in the 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge that is now circulating.

In the blog world (much unlike the real world), I don’t feel obligated to follow rules, so instead of 10 days of photos, I’ll just post this one. I also won’t nominate anyone, but feel free to join in on your own – it’s a great excuse to post old travel pictures!

But I like how the prompt asks you to leave the photo with no explanation, so: here’s my take.

25 responses to “Wordless Travel Photo

  1. What a wonderful photo! How lovely to see people milling about together 🙂 Everyone looks like they are heading towards the same point, I guess towards the fountain or was there something specific? Thanks for taking part and putting your own spin on the challenge 🙂

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    • Ooh, onnistuitpa löytämään hiljaisen aamuhetken!!! Ihanaa 🙂 Tulee mieleen meidän Havaijin reissu, kun aikaero oli 12 tuntia niin me oltiin biitsillä joka aamu jo seiskalta!!! 😀 Se olikin just hyvä, koska ei ollut ruuhkia, sai parhaat paikat, eikä ollut liian polttava aurinkokaan!

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  2. Those where the times where the crowds attracts you more, the bigger, the grandier. It feels like “Yeah, I belong here..”
    But nowadays……???
    Cheers for the memories and old times ´s sake! 🙂

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