Friendly Friday: Electric

The atmosphere is electric here at Friendly Friday, as I wait for your submissions to the theme this week…


Somewhere in Patagonia

As always, feel free to get creative – and remember to check out some of the other entries to the challenge!

Electric blue

I do hope you join in! Happy weekend!

Electric mood in Tokyo

Want to join the photo challenge? Here’s how:

  • Create a post responding to the theme
  • Link that post to this one with a pingback
  • Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your take on the theme
  • Check out some of the other entries!
  • There is no deadline


  • You’re welcome to use our logo if you want
  • Tag the post Friendly Friday in WordPress so it can easily be found

Next Friday, be sure to tune into Amanda’s channel as it’ll be her turn to host the challenge again.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join!

Created with Adobe Spark

55 responses to “Friendly Friday: Electric

  1. Those are wonderful images! Especially the Tokio one. With electric blue I immediately had to think about a song by David Bowie. But googling to check this I found this phrase is used more often, even a song by Icehouse (?) is called that and it seems to be the name of a certain kind of cyan-type blue. One learns every day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Peter for the kind words, it means a lot coming from you (an amazing photographer)! And yes, I’d heard of electric blue but I had to google it too! 😀 Apparently there are many shades of it, cyan being the most common.


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