Friendly Friday: Photo Walk

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It’s Friendly Friday again and the theme for this week is Photo Walk.

What catches your eye?

Your photos can be new or old – from your own neighborhood or somewhere you were just visiting. Can’t wait to see them!

Here’s how to join the photo challenge:

  • Link your response to the comment section of this post
  • Include a link to this prompt in your post
  • Add our logo, if you want to
  • Click some of the links and take a look at other participants’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the same theme
  • There’s no deadline for participating, it doesn’t have to be on Friday!

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is a weekly blogging event, hosted by myself and Amanda over at Something to Ponder About. Next Friday, hop over to Amanda’s blog to join the challenge.

77 responses to “Friendly Friday: Photo Walk

  1. What fun fishes and abstract-ish sea life on that fence, or wooden bench? I love your eyes for catching light and unusual whimsical detail 🙂

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  2. Yeahhh! Just wonderful. I love it how your eye catches things with love and admiration. Mine does it similarly and I’d be noticing many of the same things (doors for sure!), but certainly not all. I love it how you frame your views. That red photo is glorious! Maybe one day we will do it together. 🙂 My post coming up a bit later.

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  4. My eye is caught by the sunny brightness of the pictures, and by the interesting architecture, Art Nouveau elements in windows, doors and entrances. I have the hunch I have strolled through this neighbourhood as well and with lots of pleasure. There is so much to see! I like this pictures very much.

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    • Thanks Marina! An illusion of spring, well put! Winter is still very long and the rest of the seasons try to squeeze in. As you know from Oslo, nothing’s growing here yet – spring just means you can finally see some sun & blue sky instead of always grey-white overcast weather… 😋

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      • Yeah, I remember that strange season.
        If it would console you, Barcelona feels like back to winter this week. Back to its own winter that is, but still))
        I see Norwegian bloggers already wearing leather jackets while I am still in coat here 😆
        There will always be some weather jokes to talk about, in any place))

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  7. To enjoy one’s time in a place, you might spend it with other folks chatting or dining, but when your attention is on friends, you miss the glorious details in your surroundings. A quiet photo walk allows one to pick up so many interesting nuances and features, as your photos have done here. I love the eyelashes!! Aren’t they fabulous? I will join in again this week, but for now, here is my link – as I can’t resist adding my previous photo walk around Helsinki –

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  10. I would go for the one with stone staircase, the one with a nostalgic touch. The photos are not numbered so I can’t tell exactly which one I meant but I guess you know it 😊 Have a lovely weekend! 🌸

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