Grey Town

It’s raining today in Helsinki and my mind turns to rainy street photography with umbrellas and reflections. And to Leonid Afremov’s beautiful paintings.

I don’t have any rainy street photos in my archives (now that’s an idea for a photo shoot – only I tend to dislike getting wet and cold! I’m not that serious a photographer to be willing to brave the weather for that perfect shot, I guess…)

But instead I found these Zürich images which I hadn’t published yet, and played with some black and white editing. The one with the blue sky isn’t color enhanced, the sky came out of the camera like that.

My 3-month-old twins are napping in front of me and I’m listening to Seu Jorge. The kitchen is a mess but I’ll get to that in a moment. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve more or less returned from my blogging break, though this time with a slower posting pace.

Wishing you a lovely weekend wherever you are!

The photos are from my trip to Zürich, Switzerland in spring 2016

33 replies on “Grey Town”

I like how you play with photos, even when they turn out all gray 😉 I experienced Zurich only by night, during our in-between landing when we decided to rock Zurich, so my pictures of it would be even darker. But I don’t have them 🙂 Feel a need to go back and see the city by day :)))

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black and white sure gives the pictures another kind of atmosphere; I’ve always loved this editing. Zurich looks beautiful through your lens, as usual.

enjoy the boys napping and the mess in the kitchen, it’s not that often that you have a good excuse to get back to blogging 😉
Big hugs and much fun to you!

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3 (now 4) month old twins! Wow. Fantastic! Congratulations. You have embarked on a unique journey of love, concerns, joys and happiness that will last even when they are 35… 🙂
(Trust me, I’ve been there)
How lovely.

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