Boat On Roof

Like a boat out of water, I’m looking forward to summer…

Santorini, Greece (2006)

This adorable boat was picturesquely placed on top of a roof – for tourists’ photos or for some other reason, I have no idea. It was a foggy day when I visited, though it was a hot, Greek summer. Santorini seemed to dwell in a time capsule of its own, magical and out of reach – even with its own micro climate.

18 responses to “Boat On Roof

  1. Wow I wonder why the boat was placed on the roof! I can only imagine the backdrop on a clear sunny day. Did it get sunny later when you visited? I always get so sad when it’s cloudy and foggy at islands and beaches.. Hoping for a good, warm summer both there and here soon! It has been too cold lately. 😦

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    • Too cold – I agree!! Hopefully we’ll get our summers back, it’s been several years since we had a warm one. I only spent one day in Santorini, but the fog lifted at some point and it did get sunny again! 😊 Thanks for stopping by, Pooja!


  2. Before I read your post I thought you had taken a photo of a miniature boat! I didn’t see right away it was a roof and because of the fog I didn’t get the landscape behind. That’s so funny how some images are tricky to the eyes 😉
    Looking forward to warmer days as well ☀

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