33 responses to “Sunset Silhouettes

  1. Beautiful ❀ Can't wait for summer! It's cold and rainy here after 3 or 4 days of very warm (about 20 derees) weather. I was thinking of wearing a sundress to work today, looking at yesterday's weather but looks like I have to wait for a few more weeks, heheh.

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  2. Have you considered making a photo book of all sunsets and sunrises you’ve captured!I actually like seeing photos and running your fingers on it..totally different nostalgia whenever you flip the pages.
    Wonderful photos all the time!

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    • Thanks, sweetie! 😊 We actually made a photo book of out Hawaii trip some years ago (with both hubby’s pics and mine) and it turned out quite nice. So we’ve been thinking about doing another one… the sunset theme hadn’t come up yet though, so thanks for the good idea!!! I love the nostalgia, too, and having actual paper to touch and look at is in some ways more relaxing than staring at a screen all day, isn’t it? 😊


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