Down These Steps…

Exploring Lisbon, Portugal in the summer of 2011 with Hubby

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Thanks for your kind comment, as always, Pooja! 😀 We really enjoyed Portugal, too. We also visited the beaches near Lisbon and they were great. (As a teenager, I also went to Albufeira with a friend once! Beaches, beaches, I’ll never get enough of them…!)

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Oh there are nice beaches in Poland too, especially the sand here is quite nice and soft – but the water, well it’s Baltic Sea so nothing special 🙂 Still it’s great to have that option 3 hours drive from where I live. In summer holidays it’s extremely popular among the Poles to either go to the seaside on North or to the mountains on South. I guess more of them go to the seaside, so it’s always crowded but luckily there are still areas which aren’t major holiday towns where the beaches are relatively less crowded. All this to say that the beaches here aren’t that bad for being a reasonably cold country but I prefer bluer, warmer and clearer water like in Greece (dreaming again..) 😀

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so picturesque!! this is such a charming capture… I’ve always wanted to visit Lisbon… the more I see from there, the more I hope to visit some day… the narrow streets and the colors, such unique atmosphere, like in your photo here 🙂

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