My World

Today, my inspiration is Cee’s Share Your World challenge.

Cee’s questions and my answers:

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

I prefer fruit. I don’t like sweetened juice at all but unsweetened, natural, fresh juice is great. At the moment, I have some cranberry juice in the fridge which I blend with cold water to make it less sweet. Add some ice, and voilà!

El Calafate, Patagonia

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up in two cities: Brisbane, Australia until I was nine, and after that Helsinki, Finland. Brisbane is quite big, but my life stayed in the suburbs for the most part, so it seemed small. Helsinki, on the other hand, is quite small, though it’s the capital of Finland.

My first memories are happy ones from Brisbane, where I went to pre-school and grades 1-3. I’ve always thought in English and I still do, half of the time, though Finnish has taken over a large part of my linguistic brain. Obviously – since I now use Finnish every day and I rarely get to speak English with anyone (which I miss doing).

Later on in life, I lived in Montpellier, Paris and Nice, France, for a couple of years. By living, I mean staying somewhere with a permanent intent. Montpellier was my favorite of these three towns. I also spent a summer in Italy and another really long one in Greece, but I never had the intent to stay in either country.

Iguazú Falls, Argentina

I would like to live in a city that’s slightly bigger than Helsinki, but less chaotic than, for example, Paris. (Though I do love Paris!)

I miss having options and alternatives, events and interesting things to try out any day of the week. On a more positive note, one thing my current home town Helsinki is good at is new restaurants with exotic or trendy themes. But eating out is quite expensive here. I often eat out during lunch time at some of the more low profile places with lunch deals. I’m not really a trend-seeking kind of diner but I do love good food.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

Yellow, because it’s the color I would have used as a child to describe both my hair and the sunny weather in Brisbane.

Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, Argentina

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm

This is a tough question, actually. Yoga relaxes me but when I’m feeling stressed, I probably won’t have time for yoga right then! The beach and swimming relax me, but I rarely get the chance to do either these days.

Making plans and lists relaxes me, though it might sound silly. If I have too many things going on in my mind, I feel way better after taking the time to get organized.

Having a nice, large coffee (soy milk latte) relaxes me (right before it energizes me!). I drink coffee as much for the flavor as for the caffeine.

Somewhere near El Calafate

I’ve always loved sleeping and my personal record is sleeping 17 hours straight – not once, but twice – back when I was a very jet-lagged flight attendant!

I also love reading a good book. If you have any recommendations for a completely addictive, unputdownable read, please tell me, I love getting new book ideas!

Check out Cee’s blog for her answers as well as other participants’ answers!

The photos are from my trip to Argentina (2014)


16 responses to “My World

  1. What a lovely post, so nice to learn a little about you. Were you a flight attendant with Finnair? You might like to try reading some Alexander McCall Smith books, his 44 Scotland Street and Sunday Philosophy Club are my favourites. Perhaps you’ve already read some!

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  2. Hi! Enjoyed reading these facts about you 🙂 Very interesting read. We’re similar on few points: I’d use yellow (and a bit of orange) to describe my childhood too, for me it’s the sun and yellow houses in Kathmandu where I grew up. In Kathmandu, you can paint your house whatever color you want and most people go overboard with it 😀 My parents’ house is purple hehe. But I have distinct memories of yellow houses on sunny days from the suburbs. I also LOVE sleeping!! There are people (like my boyfriend) who never sleep during the day, but I just love taking naps in the afternoons and having a long sleep (minimum 7 hours these days) during nights. Beaching and swimming relax me too! My favorite activities ever, hehe.
    It’s so incredibly cool that you have lived in so many places! Greece and Italy and France and of course Australia all sound amazing. 🙂

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  3. In love with Patagonia, always… Love your pictures! I actually had to focus on your words and let them go otherwise I’d still be looking at them! ah!
    I’m with you on the sleepy side! Love it! but I don’t think I’ve ever slept 17 hours straight… 😉

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