Iguazú Falls, Argentina

It was a hot day and so humid near the waterfalls…

Nostalgia is a huge theme for my blog. So huge, that when I saw that it the was theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, my mind quickly filled with dozens of ideas.

And then it went blank.

It’s Friday, it’s been a tough week at work, so I’ll just go with the relaxing sound of some thundering waterfalls. Can you hear them?

Iguazú Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Their tropical surroundings made me nostalgic for my childhood in Australia – seeing huge, red ants scurry along, hearing all sorts of sounds in the rainforest if I stayed still for a moment, feeling the heat of a warm climate on my skin. And now I’m nostalgic for travel adventures when I stare at this picture… It’s never-ending!

29 responses to “Iguazú Falls, Argentina

    • Hahah, somewhere in me there’s an Australian 1980’s kid, but I’m actually Finnish. I didn’t realise I’d never mentioned this properly on my blog before. Later on, I went to school with teens with American backgrounds, in Finland. Happy to hear you could relate to my feelings of Iguazu! There was something magical there… hidden behind the crowds of us tourists.

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