Blogger’s Garden

As an urban dweller, I don’t have an actual garden of my own.

But luckily, as a blogger, I can still have a virtual garden.

Come take a stroll with me… let me show you these purple flowers that grow here.

These photos are from a little walk one cloudy day this past June. The flowers (lupines?) were simply growing by the side of the road, with no one paying much attention to them.

But in my imagination, I could see an endless green field dotted with purple… with sunlight, butterflies and blue skies… white cotton candy clouds… So that’s what I took with me, when I planted these in my online garden.

I hope you enjoy them, too.


26 responses to “Blogger’s Garden

  1. Yes! There’s a wonderful children’s book called “Miss Rumphius” written by the late Barbara Cooney in 1982, about a fictional character who finds a way to make the world more beautiful by planting lupine! Check it out. Love your photos.

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  2. The flowers look like lupins. We have a lot of them in our garden in a variety of colours. Many people have them in gardens in the UK. but they do grow wild in some places, too. Super photos of them.

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