Cloudy Morning in Ushuaia

It was a cloudy November morning in Ushuaia when we boarded a catamaran to go see penguins and sea lions.

On the left, we had Argentina and on the right, Chile.

It felt like peace and quiet – it was such a memorable morning.

Prompted by the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, themed Morning

For more photos from this trip, just navigate the menus of my blog or click the related posts featured just after this one! I’ve done heaps of posts from Argentina and Ushuaia.

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40 responses to “Cloudy Morning in Ushuaia

  1. We took the boat to the Harberton ranch and then back by bus, as initially I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the boat ride in the windy weather. But I did, it was great! Could’ve happily done it all again. All the wildlife over there (and in Patagonia) really was amazing. Thanks for commenting!


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  4. I wish I had tried to see penguins when I was in Argentina or Chile. I have seen them in South Africa, but there is such a rough and raw beauty in Patagonia to contrast with those adorable creatures!

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