Thursday Doors On a Friday

I’ve never participated in the Thursday Doors challenge before but it looks like fun. Even though it’s now Friday, I thought I’d try it out this week! Maybe it’s still Thursday somewhere in the world.

Here’s my entry – just a single photo from the old town of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Door of an apartment building in Montevideo, 2014

I like how it looks a bit tropical, breezy and cute at the same time. The locals probably never even notice the palm trees shading it or the attractiveness of the worn out green paint. We seldom notice things like this at our home towns, going about our business in those surroundings so familiar to us. Which I guess is one of the fun parts of traveling: observation.

30 responses to “Thursday Doors On a Friday

  1. I had never heard of ‘Thursday Doors’ before, the blogosphere is full of surprises! 😉 Nice photo – Do you find yourself taking a lot of photos of doors when you visit a new place? I think the only time I found myself doing that was when I visited Milan.

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    • I think doors are a bit difficult to photography because I can never decide how to frame them – how much of the building to include so it looks good? And often there are people or cars parked in front. So I don’t take photos of doors that often but I do notice them! I’m more of a water person, I go crazy with photos by the sea (and a lake or river will do, too). Italy certainly is good for door photos. I heard about this challenge from who regularly posts amazing Italian doors for this challenge!


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