A Forgotten Sunday

A walk in Stockholm, Sweden (spring 2015)


21 responses to “A Forgotten Sunday

  1. I’m quite desperate to go to Stockholm – or rather the island close by on which the old Viking trading town of Birka was situated. I’ve heard that Stockholm is beautiful, too, and your lovely photos support that. 🙂

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      • I imagine Stockholm’s quite a short journey for you – a bit like us, popping across to France or The Netherlands.I’m glad you said it’s worth visiting. I think there are boats out to Björkö Island. It’s just a question of where we want to go first on our great long holiday list! 🙂

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        • I’ve never been to that island but the islands in general are so beautiful over here. Wish I had a boat 🙂 I’m sure the Viking history must be very interesting for you, considering the theme of your books 🙂

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          • I’m fixated by Viking history, and Birka (on Bjorko) was the site of a famous Viking market. I’ve set a chapter or two ‘Shadow’ there. I always like to see places I write about. Fortunately, with Denmark, we’s already had a long holiday there before I wrote ‘Shadow’ and visited all the key Viking sites. 🙂

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            • Yes, I’ve read about the Viking market in “Shadow” 🙂 Though I didn’t connect the dots and realise that was the place you were talking about visiting just now! Had to google it out of curiosity! I think you do a great job of depicting the atmosphere in your book. Which reminds me, I should take a break from blogging to catch up with my recreational reading! I just started a set of studies this autumn and have been busy doing quite a lot of homework – suddenly feeling guilty of any time spent blogging! 🙂 (But here I am anyway!)


    • Because we go to Stockholm a lot, every time for a short visit and always do the same things. So it’s hard to tell the seperate visits apart and remember which time we did what. Also, because we go often, it doesn’t seem so special that I would remember it for a long time. They feel like normal days at home, which you can’t remember afterwards. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Stockholm! 😀 Thanks for commenting, Inger!

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