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I was tempted by people still unmet, roads yet untraveled, skies yet unseen   –  Ryszard Kapuscinski in Travels With Herodotus

Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina

This is one of my very favorite quotes. Cheryl from one of my favorite blogs four camels and a coffee to go passed this quote challenge on to me, and it fits my travel theme perfectly (I’m obviously going to do three travel quotes!) …If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog – there’s a lot of traveling, and funny and inspiring moments.

The challenge:

Post a quote for 3 consecutive days.


~ Thank the person who nominated you
~ Pass the “golden whisk” on to 3 people

So, I’m passing this on to the following three lovely bloggers:

Millie Thom

La Giraffa

Leanne from nihongojapango

25 responses to “Travel Inspiration

  1. I’ve just replied to you in my notification box, so you’ll end up with two comments from me! I’d be delighted to do this challenge, which I’ll start as soon as I have a think about a theme. Thank you so much for the nomination. Millie 🙂

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  2. I forgot to ask earlier … does this challenge have a title and do you want me to refer to you as your blog name? I’ve done my first quote but I’m still deciding who to nominate, so I’ll leave it until tomorrow. 🙂

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  5. I love your first quotes! Thank you for the nomination 😉 hope to have some good ideas in the next few days! P.S. yes, here it’s sunny and .. hot! :-))

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