Little Photo Hike

Islands and townThe views from Cerro Otto (Bariloche, Argentina) were beautiful.

Lake viewWe had taken a gondola lift up to the peak to admire the scenery.

Ski liftSlowly, we ventured further and further, following the pretty mountain flowers along the path…

FlowersAbove, large birds were circling.

MountainsThe view of the drop down made my head spin and the fierce wind kept pushing me while I tried to stay steady.

Mountain viewThen we somehow ended up following a path leading further into the woods. Huge bees or wasps followed us and joggers with dogs passed us on the trail. Otherwise, it was completely silent.

We finally reached a lookout point, with a view of a little bay enveloped by mountains on each side.

View from HasburgoOn our way back we saw a sign indicating this place was called Piedra de Hasburgo (or Habsburgo).

Our pace was slow, because we kept pausing for more and more photos. This wasn’t exacty an athletic hike!

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24 responses to “Little Photo Hike

  1. Are these recent pictures? After the volcano I’d expect more ash than green. We were there in feb. You must do refugio fray hike to see Cerro cathedral…

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  2. Quite stunning photos, but I wonder what kind of temperatures you had In Nov-Dec? As noutlaw mentioned, it will probably look different for a while following the Calbuco eruption.

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