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Travel Like It’s 1999

Carefree beach days, planning my tan lines and next snack. No thoughts for carbon emissions or the climate warming 7°C during the lifetime of my future grandkids. If there were worries, they were about the wrong things. Applying anti-aging cream at 25. Pointless! Who has wrinkles at 25?!? Collecting frequent flyer points. Also quite pointless […]

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A Post About Nothing At All (And Some Surfing)

I always see posts that begin with, “Hey guys, you might have noticed I’ve been away, but nothing much was happening, so I didn’t have anything to blog about. But now I’m back!!! Aren’t you excited?!” And then I keep seeing posts that go, “Five Blogging Tips for Newbies/Influencers/Growth Hacking! One: Don’t start your posts […]