About the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

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Friendly Friday is a friendly photo challenge open for all, hosted by me and Amanda from Something to Ponder About, on alternating weeks.

Each Friday, we’ll post a prompt and invite you to leave your response in the comments section of the prompt.

Please also remember to include a pingback in your post!

You’re welcome to add our logo but that’s entirely optional. You can also add the WordPress tag Friendly Friday so that people can find your post more easily in their feed.

There’s no deadline for participating, but the closer you are to Friday the more likely it is that people will see your link. Amanda and I are in different time zones anyway so let’s not be too picky about our definition of Friday!

Whether you participate or not, we urge you to check out other bloggers’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the same theme. After all, that’s the most fun part!

This is an introduction page. The challenges run weekly and you can find the latest prompt on my blog’s front page.
Here’s a link to the very first one!

Hope you join in!