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Indecisive, Like the Weather

I woke up determined to go swimming today, no matter how cold the weather was. Swimming is my very favourite thing to do and I miss it so much. I’ve only had a couple of chances to swim this summer.

Before swimming, I decided to get a smoothie at the nearby café that I like, since hubby was taking the kids to an indoor playground. I walked over there and found that it was closed. Huh. Sunday.

So I sat in the park for a bit and caught up on my messages. The clouds were looking heavy and every single weather forecast promised rain for the entire day. I went home just as the kids were leaving and took the rare opportunity to read a book for a while.

Then… I fell asleep. This always happens when I read. How can napping be so much sweeter than sleeping at night?!

When I opened my eyes, it was early afternoon and too late for the swimming idea, since the pool gets crowded as the day progresses. I looked out the window: still not raining, but it looked like it could rain any minute. Maybe I’ll go to the movies. Yeah, great idea!

Except there was nothing on. Only one movie I would even consider. Should I go? I could see that only 4 tickets had been reserved, which was nice. I don’t like crowds.

Then the sun came out. Hey, that looks nice! I stuck my head out the balcony window, which is the only one that opens properly. Maybe I should go for a bike ride, instead?

Which route would I go – the long one? Would I need to bring snacks with me? I tried to listen to my body: will I be hungry as soon as I leave home? Should I eat something?

I could also go to the electronics store and get new headphones to replace my broken ones. Hmm.

I decided to go to see the movie, and waited for the perfect timing to leave my flat. Just as I was leaving, I felt a strong urge to go bike riding, after all!

So I walked over to my bike, parked downstairs, and hopped on. As soon as I did that, I felt three cold raindrops on my nose and cheeks. Sigh.

I pulled my sweater on and started riding.

At the first turn, I had to make a choice. What to do? A long and scenic bike ride or… maybe a short trip to the electronics shop, after all?

I turned my bike towards the electronics shop, telling myself it’s no fun riding in really windy weather (which is true). I passed a temperature display which said it was 18 °C.

Halfway to the store, I looked at my watch. Hmm, I could still make it to the movies… but now I have my bike. Where would I leave it? Would someone steal it? I would have to ride in traffic, and that’s not fun.

I ended up going to the electronics store and found the new headphones I needed. I also had three other things on my shopping list, but I couldn’t locate them. I felt too tired to search for staff.

Riding home from the store, the sky looked like a storm was brewing. But it still hadn’t started raining properly.


55 replies on “Indecisive, Like the Weather”

Funny post! It’s like one of my days where I’ve cleared all commitments just so that I could do whatever I want. Only with so much free time, I end up doing nothing! I’m not sure if I end up feeling more or less relaxed at the end of it 🙂

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Exactly: I didn’t feel relaxed at all. Actually, it felt like the day was wasted, because I didn’t even manage to relax properly!
A great trick to relaxing is yoga, by the way. The last pose, where you just have a little rest, it can do wonders in just a few minutes. Should’ve done yoga!

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We’re so remotely located that we have our own little micro climate. It’s not the first time we’re not getting a European heat wave. 20 C is quite pleasant for me, too, if sunny; slightly cold but better than 15. Maybe in the future the Nordic region will be sought out prime real estate when other areas turn too hot, due to climate change. Over here, it’ll apparently bring more rain and overall 10C gloominess all year round. But it’ll still be more livable than areas that soar near 50…

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Decisions, decisions, decisions! I can identify with your ability to set out to do one thing and end up following a tangled trail into entirely uncharted waters. Love the rocket propelled penguin, too!

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Hah. I could relate. However, I don’t think it’s indecisiveness as much as just having too many things on your to do list and not enough time. If I had plenty of time to go on a bike ride I would not have to choose between that and going to the store to get something I needed.

The weather’s been funny here, too. For a couple of weeks, the forecast predicted storms over the weekend, so I stayed confined to the indoors or sometimes my car. Most of the time, there was no rain and I ended up wasting a weekend. Now, it’s been storming every day but you just don’t know if it will rain now, or in 3 hours… A lot of decisions to make!

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That weather of yours sounds exactly like ours!! Wasting days because it was supposed to rain and always wearing too much or too little because it keeps changing several times a day. Some days, we have all the weather wrapped in one.

And you’re also spot on about my to do list being too long!! Chores and to do’s are always on my mind, unless I actually manage to go on that bike ride or early morning swim.

Thanks for visiting, Goldie!

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We all have days like this. I have learned that, whenever I can’t make up my mind, that less is more. Just hanging out with a book in the garden, reading (maybe napping) and watching the birds and butterflies will make me happier than anything else.

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Ah, I feel like I could have written this as well! Undeciseveness is tough, especially when you don’t have a lot of free time and want to make the most out of it (and the weather doesn’t help!)! Seems like a relaxing day anyways!

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I’m sorry to say I was sort of giggling as I read this because it sounds like I’m making fun of you! I’m not, I promise, but your wavering was quite amusing since I was only the observer. (And it was totally the weather’s fault!)

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I seem to have a lot of those days. For me, they boil down to not really wanting to leave the house.

I think it’s way too cold to go swimming. I jumped in a pool at about that temp once and thought my heart was going to stop. Maybe it’s a heated pool? or maybe you are just made of hardier stock?

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A good one! It’s the same for me, rather most of the time. I cannot decide what I want to do and either do something totally different than thought or nothing at all 😂. Often it’s the latter. Had been totally out of blogging since long but trying to be back on track. Do check it out. Good to see that you’ve been pretty regular with your posts 😀.

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Inspiration is exactly what has been lacking on my side too! I can blame the “Corona Years” but there’s a comedian who made it clear that the problem lies inside and not outside 😅. Watch it here -

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Hahah, that was funny, thanks for the link!! Although for me, Covid didn’t mean extra time, since I worked from home and have two little kids. It just made things more stressful and hectic! But after seeing that video, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t have time to stop and think! 😅😆

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