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Record, Send, Wait

“You’re so youthful, sending those voice messages!” my collegue tells me on Whatsapp.

You’re so youthful, sending those voice messages! My collegue tells me on Whatsapp.

What, you mean I’m no longer young? I think, but restrain myself from saying out loud.

Instead, I reply, Once you get past how silly your own voice sounds, it’s quite addictive. No more poking at tiny iPhone letters with Godzilla fingers.

It dawns on me that exchanging voice messages isn’t really that different from making an actual phone call. But at the same time, it’s definitely not a phone call. You might even call it the exact opposite: you’re leaving the calling bit out, and just talking.

It is a funny exchange, actually. I leave you a voice message, and you reply with your voice message, and then I reply again, and sometimes we’re both recording at the same time. While I’m still speaking of the thing from my first message, you’re already on another topic.

I love it.

I wonder if the inventors of the Whatsapp voice message function initially wondered if it would take off at all?

Inventor A: Why would someone have a conversation like this? Why not simply call?

Inventor B: Well, see, if you’re an introvert, you don’t want to call. This way you can avoid it but still avoid typing a message, too.

Inventor A: But if introverts are our target audience, won’t they hate how their voice sounds?

Inventor B: Maybe we’ll add a filter? They’ll never know. Anyway, it still beats calling!

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Yes, yes! “Well, see, if you’re an introvert, you don’t want to call. This way you can avoid it but still avoid typing a message, too.” A brilliant and sensible way to describe the app. They need to market it to the world exactly like this.

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I love it too, but actually I am so bad in it, i keep on babbling and realized that it is not recording! haahaha..
But then I really appreciate the thought behind it, the effort of getting in touch.
Thank God we have managed to enjoy these millenial innovations…in my childhood we´ve never had these things.I guess my life is glued to my iphone as well!

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Yeah, there are so many ways to get in touch nowadays, even with the pandemic isolating us. Voice messages are probably great for those whose eye sight isn’t so great anymore! They just make life a tiny bit easier


Lol! A voice filter! I never thought of that! I don’t hate my voice but how cool would it be to sound like Marlon Brando or Charles Bronson, or in a gentler mood, Woody Allen. (Hey, and why not Agneta Fältskog or Tarja Turunen!) A sung message, another step further in the miraculous world of communication. 🙂

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Am I the only one who prefers typing? I don’t mind talking on the phone, though I don’t like calling. But I loathe leaving voicemails and I’m not sure how this differs. But, I thought texting was silly for years, so I’m not a trend setter. I do enjoy being able to edit my text.

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It took me a long while to convert to even Whatsapp messages. I kept wondering what the difference was to regular text messages. Then I found out it’s free and there are no size limits and started sending videos of my kids to my mum and then it grew into voice messages to friends abroad in different time zones… with busy lives, it’s just very practical to be able to send your message when you want and listen to theirs at your own pace, too. Easier to do than to find a moment for calling that suits both. 😀

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My eyes and fingers disagree with me nowadays and the phone’s keyboard just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Without voice messages I’d never get in touch. It’s like a dictation device, or your private podcast. Record a monologue (you get used to talking to yourself!) and send it off to your friend! So effortless!

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Hah, not complicated at all! 😆 But actually voice messages are not tje same as voicemail. A voice message is like a text message but recorded. I’m getting the impression Whatsapp isn’t as popular in the US as it is over here in Europe?

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If the pandemic keeps on going, maybe younger generations won’t even remember real life meetings! (Hope that doesn’t happen!) I remember landlines from my teen years, calling a friend and their parent or sibling answers. Waiting for the phone to be free or someone joining the call from another line (inadvertently). 😆

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Voice filter, haa! Good idea, instead of hearing my own silly voice, a cartoon voice sure sounds good! I don’t fancy voice message though but understand how useful it can be for those without good eyesight. Actually it is more to the way people use whatsapp voice messages here, blasting the volume at public places. So it’s like you can hear many private voice messages with bad handphone audio from different corners as you walk down the mall or eating at a restaurant. Plain annoying! 😑😑😅

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Oh, that’s an odd trend. You could also listen to it the normal way you listen to a phone call, or with headphones… a cultural thing, perhaps, or maybe generational? I’ve noticed many kids here watch youtube videos blasting the volume to anyone nearby. It’s weird! Use headphones! 😆

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Exactly! Here, I am the odd one asking people to use their headphones instead. It’s just basic common sense and polite public behavior in my opinion. But I get yelled at for telling people so, including my family members. 😆😆

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Oh I love voice messages too, especially sending them! To me, they allow you to say much more and better convey tone, intonation, etc. plus, they’re so much faster and easier to send than messages! I have to admit though that I don’t like receiving them as much just because I don’t always have the possibility to listen to them ahah

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That is exactly why I don’t use the voice feature—I hate how I sound. But they do come in handy when I have my hands full, or when I want to ‘read’ a message without having to take my eyes off the chopping board or laundry basket.

And that bit about introversion is so spot on, lol. Sure, it does take a tad more energy than typing, but I appreciate having the time to craft a reply without needing to think on the fly. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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