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7th Blogoversary

Another year skipped by

What do you call it when a blog has an age crisis? Over here, it’s happening at age seven. Seven years have flown by!

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry! But I do know that I was a very different person when I first started blogging.

The start of my blog pinpoints a moment in time for me and makes it possible for me to remember then and now, and to compare. I don’t always like nostalgia, but I see growth and I’m happy with that.

What do we blog about during a pandemic, then? It’s been a good moment to let the imagination loose. I read somewhere that French publishing houses are pleading for people to spend time reading, not writing, since they’re getting more manuscripts sent in than ever – it seems book-writing has become a trend for people with too much time on their hands!

As for me, I always wondered what it was about the pandemic that made people have extra time. It certainly didn’t affect me that way.

Looking back at my blogging year, many photos are local ones. Not much happened in the blog, but in my real life, I feel like there were always dozens of things going on. Another year skipped by, the summer was too short, as it always is, and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Today, we had sunny weather and it felt like spring, though the sun set before I had a chance to go for a walk – the days are still short. Just last week, we were ice skating and sledding.

There was an old man wearing a leather jacket completely opened up despite the cold, his moustache icy and he had no mask. He was making money with his horse, taking kids on a very fast sleigh ride through the park filled with sledders. The ride made a christmassy sound, with bells jingling all the way, and he said he was doing this because he wanted to promote old traditions.

I felt bad for the horse, but decided my kids should try this, because maybe when they have kids of their own, there will be no more snowy rides on horse sleighs. It could be something exotic and quirky they tell their grandchildren, like when we try to describe life before mobile phones to young ones. For the same reason, I keep taking them to the library (and also because I love books). Who knows if libraries will exist for long. I want them to have memories of these things.

A man next to us in the queue told his friend, “This is a nice park, but they should sell Glühwein and hot chocolate here, in a kiosque. Right there would be a good spot.” He was reading my mind.

Cities will never stop evolving, not even during a pandemic. Life goes on, we adapt.

Nostalgia. Enough of it! Let’s make the most of every moment, enjoy every day.

Thank you all for visiting! Here’s to seven more years of happy blogging!

Ps. If you’re reading this through WordPress Reader, it seems to break the image galleries into a long stream of individual photos. My apologies, there was nothing I could do! I left out many photos to make the galleries smaller to accommodate this weird setup. Click over to my blog to view the post as it was intended!

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Ahh, you deleted so many photos while I had your post opened in my browser! Luckily I was still able to see them all before you did it. I don’t have any problems with your gallery, but I always read blogs as blogs, not in the Reader or as e-mail. The only thing, which I struggle with too, is that the filename remains visible if I click on a photo to see them in the horizontal gallery – which is how I prefer to view photos. Yes, in a long stream of individual photos. 😀

In any case, I’m sure you will learn how to present your photos (more or less) exactly how you wish. In your old theme I often wished to click on a photo to see it up close and now I can. I also like it that the letters are bigger. Congratulations on the seven years! I wish you much joy and time for your blog. I know, it’s not easy!

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Thanks, Manja!
Can’t you edit the file name off in your media section? That’s what I do.
I didn’t want the gallery spread into a stream of photos because I wanted a gallery! People don’t have the patience to scroll down if there’s a random bunch of pics (I would never place them like that, one after another, but rather I’d insert them in the text.) anyway, it means that some people probably never read the text I wrote because the photos made it look like a photo post, even though for me, the written part was more important… 🙃

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Yes, I edit them out but I wish I didn’t have to! Also, it happens that you miss some, like you did. One photo in each of your galleries still has the filename, have a look. The gallery layout changes a lot recently, it’s sooo weird. WordPress has some new problems, it seems.

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Congrat’s you your blogoversary! Seven years seem long and then again, not long at all. As you say, being able to look back is a benefit of having a blog … better even than journals, if you’re me in having an inadequate filing system.

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I never read posts in the Reader because of this. I want to see the post the way it was intended to look. And, I want to see the personalized page the author put so much effort into building.

CongratZ on your blogging anniversary! Wow, 7 years!

Beautiful pictures.

I don’t feel like I have that much more time, either. Sure, instead of sitting in traffic I have time to do something else, but it has its limits. Because I spend all day at home, there is more straightening out to do, more dishes to wash, etc. Do I have more time? Sure. Is it enough to be ‘life-changing?’ Not at all. Here, in the US, a lot of people quit their work (or went part-time). They definitely have more time.

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Good point, Sam! Although if I lost my job, I’d be very busy looking for a new one or building up my skills so that I could be more hirable. Or start my own business. I still don’t think I’d have extra time as job seeking can be quite laborious!

I’m working from home too, and I still have 8 h work days and two little kids to care for. While my commute has shortened, now I need to find a way to bring exercise into my day, since I used to walk to work. No extra hourse here! 😅

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How is your job market over there? Here, it’s pretty much the same, as far as I can tell. There are plenty of jobs available in Marketing, for example, which is what I do. We are a very ”online” society over here, so the pandemic didn’t create a wave of job loss as people simply took their laptops home. Of course some industries are suffering, like travel… I’m so happy I’m not working in the travel industry anymore!

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WP doesn’t show me full comments in the notification pane anymore. Aghr… I hope it gets fixed soon.

I feel the travel industry has been in trouble for a while now. I remember all these travel agencies back in the day… now, everything is mostly online. But yes – nowadays, many flights get cancelled due to staff shortages. Absolutely terrible.

There are many businesses here (local restaurants, etc) that have permanently closed down due to money issues, or staffing issues, or both. Many restaurants don’t have enough people to work for them. An order that took 15 minutes before now takes 50 or more. Absolutely insane. Some jobs were transferred to remote settings permanently, some are hybrid, some are in-person. There are SO many people resigning where I work. Reasons? Joining a full-time working-from-home companies instead of an in-person type of work, vaccine mandates, burn-out, etc. It’s frightening.

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I’m happy to hear people are switching to smarter companies – there’s real potential for positive shifts in work life here! But who knows. We’ve started to see people come and go from work places, I guess it’s harder to get that committed feeling in a new job that’s done from home. Our energy prices are going up like crazy and there’s shortage of stuff like computer parts… These are weird times!

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Don’t worry about the photos appearing in a stream of single images. They look great like that. Each one has its moment of being the star. And we never have been able to control how our blogs look on others’ devices. Relax and enjoy? yes, good decision.

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congrats on your 7th! i am coming up to my 9th this year and can hardly believe it. I think people are working from home during covid so have no commuting time. our libraries do very well here so i don’t think we’ll ever lose them. i really hope that is the case anyway!

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Thanks, Sherry! I’m working frol home, too, and love it! But the days are still lacking hours! 😄 Happy to hear your libraries are still going strong. So are ours, but they are now adding conference rooms, cafes, small movie theatres, 3D printers, even sewing machines! It’s fun, but I wonder how long there will be books in them, too.


Onnittelut seitsemästä blogivuodesta! ✨🌷 Hyvin olet jaksanut kirjoittaa pandemiankin keskeltä.

Piti ihan tarkistaa, blogimme ovat saman ikäiset! Perustin omani loppuvuonna 2014. Jotenkin en kokenut tarvetta juhlia, kun blogi on jäänyt niin taka-alalle, kaiken muun tekemisen alle. Koko viime vuonna kirjoitinkin vain 11 juttua. Eipä tuosta juuri enää voi vähentää…

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On omakin kirjoitustahti vähentynyt enkä enää ehdi seuraamaan muita yhtä paljon kuin ennen, mutta tykkään, kun on paikka jossa voi julkaista kirjoituksiaan kun inspis iskee!
Me ollaan jo super vanhoja tekijöitä tässä hommassa, hei! Kippis! 🥂 Terveydelle!

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