Photo Challenge

Blue Wildflowers

Blue and wildflowers, two photo challenges call for these two things I happen to love. I haven’t done a challenge in donkey’s years, so why not!

A blue and purple wildflower
This is purple, rather than blue, but wild nonetheless
And some blue, with no flowers at all

22 replies on “Blue Wildflowers”

Back in 2003 when I first stumbled upon a beach near Cinque Terre, it was just a place for Italians and not spoiled by tourism. But I went back in 2016 for a proper visit, and was disappointed at how touristy and crowded it had gotten. The original charm that pulled me there had been lost. Quite quickly, too, in just over a decade.


Oh, I don’t miss travelling, quite the contrary. But of course it would be great if they had the chance to see other parts of the world in their childhood. What I do miss, is summer and water activities. Finns just don’t know how to celebrate warm weather, the beaches are full of broken glass, the sea polluted, and only two public outdoors pools for half a million inhabitants. No impromptu waterslides like I had in my Aussie childhood, no outdoors cinema. Gosh, you are even hard pressed to find a restaurant where you can have lunch outside. I just miss outdoors life and the sea or ocean when it’s beautiful and clear…

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I love the color blue and wildflowers also, but my favorite part of this post was learning a new expression: “donkey’s years!” We have an animal-related phrase for “a long time” also, but it has a pejorative connotation, so we can’t use it. I may have to adopt yours!

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