Random Poetry

Today, I saw a street-sweeping robot
And a crowd without masks
And I read the local paper for free

On page 5, I had an epiphany
But come nighttime, I’d already forgotten what it was

Ready, Player One?
The Edge of Reason

The photos contain poems composed by the book titles. Inspired by Manja’s book poetry

25 responses to “Random Poetry

  1. I very much enjoyed Ready Player One. The movie is pretty good but as always, not as good as the book 🙂 Other than Wuthering Heights, I don’t think I’ve read any of the others! Hope they’re good

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  2. Good choices. Wind sabd and stars? I thought it might be “Terre des hommes”. Possibly one of his best books. Or at least one of my preferred. You should read it in French. His style is crystal clear.
    All well?

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      • Just did. Nice. I might do it one day.
        Dread? Yes. Started in January. After the announcement of vaccines last year, I thought we were on the other side. We ain’t. Putin is raving mad. Europe is dying. Macron is a little prick. (pardon my French) Boris Judas Johnson, well… Charles Michel makes (idiot) Ursula sit on a sofa while he talks at leisure with the New Sultan… Crazy and dangerous…

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        • I just attended Nordic Business Forum at work (via video) and a top advisor from the WHO had the floor for the moment. He was asked about Covid and he said we are nowhere near done with the pandemic. And that the situation has never been as bad as it is now and new variants keep emerging and they are resistant to the vaccines. And that the pandemic won’t end if certain large, wealthy nations use up all the vaccines attempring herd immunity within their borders, because infected countries elsewhere will keep producing new variants. It sounded dire, and he said there is no way there will be enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone and the virus is here to stay. Meanwhile, violent teen crimes have started surging here, the victims ranging from kids to young adults, getting stabbed to death in broad daylight for brand clothing and the violence is filmed and broadcasted on snapchat……… 😱😱😱😱 As a parent of young kids, I’m wondering if this city is safe anymore. Where could we move to escape this violence?

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          • Virus is bad. And most gvts have handled it poorly. I can’t help but think if it had beeb Ebola, half the human race would have died.
            Teen violence?Just about everywhere. MInors are responsible for 40-46% of violent crimes and assault in France if I read well.
            Escape? i don’t know. I’m looking. Will let you know…

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