And So It Starts

A new year.

Of anticipation.




We enter hesitantly, but forward we must go.

And for once, I’m hoping the snow won’t melt.

Let us be soothed by its powdery softness and bright whiteness.

Let’s watch children dig tunnels in the heaps left at the side of the road.

Working from home has freed me from the hassle of commuting in a blizzard and, all of a sudden, I’m in no hurry to get anywhere.

I have time to see the colors and enjoy.

51 responses to “And So It Starts

  1. Such a lovely post! Definitely a year of hope 🙂 But for now, just staying put. Lovely photos, you’ve had so much snow!! It’s such a novelty here, I love it when it snows, it’s so quiet as everything stops! Hope your week is going ok so far x

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  2. There’s nothing better than fresh fallen snow. The buildings look so pretty. Nowadays all the new buildings are glass, steel and grey concrete. It’s refreshing to see color.

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  3. Helsinki in the snow is beautiful, so your great pictures show. It makes the buildings stand out warm en vivid. We only had a tiny bit of snow, just enough for the neighbour children to make a snow man with the hight of a garden gnome with growth failure. But still! 🙂

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  4. lovely words Snow! It was a good day here today as the new president was sworn in, putting an end to four years of all that was opposite of good. Your thoughts “We enter hesitantly, but forward we must go” reflects the thoughts of millions here, I am sure:) It felt great reading this! And beautiful pictures, as always.

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  5. You have snow! Congratulations. We do too, though just on the tops of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and probably not for long, but still. I like your snowy photos and those colored ones at the end look like fruit lozenges. I see you’re watching Bridgerton. Are you enjoying it? I’m thinking of giving it a go.

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    • Snow arrived here suddenly and then there was more… and more… We even had -20C last week!! I was utterly unprepared and resorted to online shopping for warmer hats and shoes for myself and the kids. They arrived yesterday and now it’s closer to zero again. (Obviously!) But who knows, maybe we’ll still have use for them this winter. I was relieved to see snow.
      I’m surprised to hear you’re considering Bridgerton! I don’t usually like costume dramas so I surprised myself too. It’s visually pleasing – I especially love the scenes the queen is in: the clothes, hair, framing of the scene and everyone involved – and it makes some good points about women’s rights and social issues. Other than that, it’s a bit of a gossipy drama 😁 Let me know if you liked it! (Side effect: the narrator in my head now speaks like the show’s voiceover, in a posh Old English way)

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  6. Beautiful! I guess Helsinki is at its best. I love the contrast between the green/yellow houses and the white snow. And the cathedral looks like a winter palace! I like snow but I hate when it starts melting 🙂

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      • I bet it is. I would love to find it out for myself one day hopefully soon! Same here. The Netherlands is so much more than Amsterdam.

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  7. I am soothed. Love the Church with its pristine religious white apron and the contrast of the yellow door against the wreath. Digging tunnels in the piled snow – I wish I was a child again. What fun!

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  8. OMG, it’s springtime already and I have not even gotten to your winter posts. But I will!
    I love looking at these pictures, took away a few degree Celsius from our 34 degree weather here 🙂

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