Escaping Into Christmas

My preferred form of escapism used to be travel.

Someone once said that you can’t escape yourself, no matter where you go. But for me that wasn’t true: when I traveled, I could be another version of myself. A carefree one who lives in the moment. Anonymous, without any baggage.

Now, escapism is about making my home my fort.

Finally getting round to hanging all those pictures I thought we’d hang immediately after we moved here, decorating, cooking. All of that seems more important now that I’m at home all the time.

Even Christmas can be a form of escapism: focusing on the theme full-heartedly for a few weeks, and then moving on.

Adorned with colourful LED’s, our apartment sparkles like a rainbow right now and surely can be seen all the way to the moon. Just what’s needed during this dark, snowless season of leafless trees and wet, muddy streets. The sun rises for only 5-6 hours a day and even during that time stays hidden behind a constant thick layer of clouds. Those grey hours pass quickly and most of the day is black as midnight.

When I was a teenager, I’d take my mind off the mundane reality of my real life through different dance classes where the teachers would exude globetrotterness, play music I’d never heard before, and talk of New York, Paris, and people waiting at Jamaican bus stops in a relaxed pose, and we would practice their walk in a dance-y kind of way. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh went the teacher’s 90’s braids, with pearls at the ends, the tips of her hair touching the floor as she showed us her choreography. I dreamt of traveling. And I traveled in my mind.

And now, what better way to travel in my mind than writing. It can even involve time travel! In my blog, I allow my mind to go wherever it wants.

Merry Christmas!

(The Christmas photo was created with PhotoShop Camera’s Double Expo lens)

52 responses to “Escaping Into Christmas

  1. I feel the same about travel! It was never about finding myself- more about getting to experience what is out there and not be confined to a daily routine. It’s freeing. Enjoy your newly decorated cosy home! Merry Christmas!

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  2. My comment is going to be quite pathetic so beware!!! I apologise in advance…. Yesterday I watched the usual seasonal replay of The Holiday and I thought about how much I was longing for a house exchange too + a country exchange, a language exchange, a life exchange… But again it’s all just a mind travel… 😦

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    • Well, one day it’ll become real again, one way or another! I just heard, in a tv series, a character say to their kid ”you are indeed a daughter of mine” and I thought of my boys: having two parents who loved traveling when it was still possible, it would be surprising if they didn’t. Who knows what adventures will await us when the world gets back to normal!

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  3. You described me exactly with these lines: “I could be another version of myself. A carefree one who lives in the moment. Anonymous, without any baggage.” How I enjoyed that person I got to be very so often, one I haven’t been able to be for so long! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and here’s to flying out of our nests in 2021!

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  4. Your words got me thinking. It’s true that travel allows you be someone else. It’s also true about going to school, work, socializing with friends etc. We all have slightly different self-images based on where we are and what we’re doing. Maybe that’s why Covid confinement is so hard. Writing & reading does take us out. All the same, you’re in a good place if you can celebrate the holidays with your family.

    Have a good Christmas Snow! I look forwarding to reading more from you in the new year!

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  5. I’m addicted to your mind travel because its limitless and beyond imagination, love it! Recently, my mind travels to the interstellar, just floating with no reason. haha. Oh, yes! I agree with you that you could be another version of yourself when you travel. As the matter of truth, I feel I am my real me whenenver I travel. hehehe. Your house decos sounds so cosy and sparkling like the magical stars. Merry Christmas Snow!

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  6. You’ve nailed it about writing. You can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone. Whatever your mind conjures up is real on the page (or screen). Have a wonderful holiday season in your newly sparkling home. I’ve set my alarm for one in the morning to head down to the newest volcano eruption. Hope it puts on a good show!

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  7. I must admit that this year, I caught myself staring a lot in our Christmas tree and just spent noltalgic thinking while counting the lights. Maybe its actually an escape to reality or maybe I am just daydreaming.This holiday break and isolation is a valid excuse to retreat in our homes as well, because there is no other place that we thought the safest at the moment.

    Thanks to this post, I am not guilty to escape ino this marvel spot from time to time…:-)

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