Cold Rays, Short Days

“Once upon a time, there was a princess named Beauty.

She fell into a bush and slept for 100 years!

Then a prince came along and gave her a kiss. Mwah, mwah, mwah!

And they lived happily ever after.”

“No! A scary monster-ghost arrived, but she wasn’t scared because the monster-ghost was in fact nice.

And then a horrible dragon came! But the dragon was actually nice, too.”

“The princess slept for yesterday years.”


Winter is just half a breath away: you can feel it.

Fighting darkness, Christmas lights are now called seasonal lights, and are hung up early. I agree.

For now, nature’s colour show is still ongoing. These photos are from a month ago, but some trees remain persistently yellow, refusing to let go of their leaves.

It seems like the yellows and oranges have lasted longer than usual this year, but maybe my perception of time is amiss. I’m trying to stay present and really notice everything. Enjoy it while it lasts.

50 responses to “Cold Rays, Short Days

  1. Nice shots! Summer is 26 days away but we are still having cool nights around 12 – 16C. Looks like we will be having a wet summer this year as we have entered a La Niรฑa cycle. We might hopefully skip the bus fires this year keep safe! Look forward to seeing your Witer photos!

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  2. Without words, each of your photos took me a while to ogle at it. Add the words, it turns into a fantasy reality! Autumn is truly a remarkable season with its burst of colors although yellow wants to stay. Lovely post and looking forward your winter stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Those are vibrant photos so I hope that color is lasting a bit. Your page wasn’t found from my email though it’s available on your home page. I think there might be a gremlin in there, or a monster-ghost. Mwah, mwah, mwah!

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  4. Gorgeous photos, Snow. Your words pulled me into a world on winter’s threshold. I could almost imagine Sleeping beauty , the prince and the dragon drinking tea under the blue sky, contemplating how quickly time goes by.

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  5. Stunning photos and beautiful writing, Snow! That photo where you say winter being half a breath spectacular !!!! Trying to stay present and notice everything- I am going with that now as well…everything seems to just rush past, it seems, and nothing makes as much sense as it probably should… It was election day yesterday here and while results are not out yet, humanity and decency seem to be up for a toss (hence my rambling, maybe!). Your post took me away from this madness for a while…thanks, Snow:)

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  6. Beautiful sceneries! Itยดr refreshing how nature have given us so much comfort during the time of Pandemic. I realized how I love nature so much since the start of Pandemic Haha.
    Over here we had a golden Autumn as well, but now, itยดs all bare trees, wet, foggy and cold. Yes, i think next week it will more low temperatures and I bring my daughter to school and we cycled in the dark! No more sunrays to enjoy.

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