These Photos Needed Captions

Dream away, I say

There’s nothing like

A summer day

Pots and cans

Chairs for tans

Sunflowers so tall

You admire them all

With a house so blue

What would you do?

Open the gate

Guests are its fate!

Look at that lawn

And everyone’s gone

May I enter, please?

(I like to tease)

But truth be told,

With houses so old

Charming like beauties

And hiding some cuties

What more could you ask

In the sun I’d bask

Home sweet home

If it were my own

I’d bake apple pie

And invite you to try

Take a large bite

Is the cream too light?

60 responses to “These Photos Needed Captions

      • Good to know!! We are doing okay-ish! Things are not under control as much as it should be (you must be rolling your eyes when you read about, what can only be termed as, ‘absurd and lacking in the most basic of senses’ acts many are engaging in here). And so work is still from home and schools are trying to explore the option of all virtual instruction once they open in September. Cases keep rising along with the number of people who are losing their lives. It is a very grim situation overall. But our state is doing much better and that gives me a little hope in taking the kids out for some playtime. Otherwise, it’s all indoors for us. Stay safe!

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  1. Something different in your post today, Snow. And of course I am drooling over the houses. I want them all! Although I imagine they would need lots of maintenance, as old Queenslanders do here?


  2. Lovely should make more poems more often..maybe Children poems as well?
    Or do you have a Finnish version as well?
    Those little nooks and gardens…Oh we have those here as well!
    I love these tiny gardens, but here most of the people who have it are old, pensioners.We called it “Kleingarten, or Schrebergarten”.Lovely place full of blooms and herbs.
    I would love to have one when I grow old..!

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    • Over here, people of all ages have these little garden plots – more hipsters than old people, for sure! But those plots are almost impossible to get, they are rented from the city and I don’t know how they decide who gets one (probably by nepotism!!) but the lines are years-long. They are all taken and very sought after. Same as those houses – exactly the same, except the city isn’t involved. Just the neighbours. If a house is for sale, they will already have decided who they will let buy it. As for poems, I’ve never tried writing one in Finnish… also I have no enthusiasm to write in Finnish! It’s a business + get-things-done language for me, English is where my heart and soul is…. I do have some poems on my blog, they are not very popular posts usually though!!! 😀

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