A Walk In the New Normal

It was a sunny but windy morning. I wore sunglasses more for the wind than the sun, disliking getting tiny objects stuck in my eyes.

The metro station was cool and quiet. People eyed each other suspiciously and moved on quickly. No one was wearing a mask. In the metro, it was impossible to keep a two-meter distance, even though it wasn’t very crowded. I hadn’t taken the metro or any form of public transport in months.


Now, when I talk about the metro, I need you to know it’s not Paris or London. In the scale of metro systems, ours is a junior metro. A straight line with a fork at the end. And when I talk about cities, this is not Paris or London in that sense either. Our crowds are perhaps not what you would call a crowd. A smaller number of people qualify as a crowd when there’s a smaller number to begin with.


All in all, there were not that many people in the metro that day, but it felt like too many. I went where I had to go, and on my way back, decided to hop off earlier and walk.


I used the rest of my tiny, travel-sized hand sanitizer which I had bought for who knows which trip, a lifetime ago. Only half-used, I rescued it from closet oblivion when the weather warmed up and gloves were put aside.


I walked to the main park, hearing nothing but my own thoughts in a place where people jog and push strollers. Where seagulls and drones fly loudly above you, where the police are good guys, and where university education is free.


While our metro is a bright-orange-colored baby, our tram system is a vibrant green-and-yellow adult. It tours the downtown streets of the capital, knowing each nook and cranny.


But I’ve always preferred to walk, even before the virus.

When I came home, my boys asked me if they could pet a dog. Some dog somewhere. They’ve yet to experience that.

“After the germ season is over,” I told them.

64 responses to “A Walk In the New Normal

    • Happy you’re inspired, hope you can do it safely! At some point during these corona months, walking outdoors was super crowded and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. But now people have spread out more and it’s easier to find empty routes


  1. Yes, on the 19th they opened up the beaches again, which spread everyone out more, and they allowed the gyms to open at 50% capacity this Monday. Hopefully this will get rid some of the overeager exercisers and give me space to move again. Anyway, off on my first walk in a week!

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  2. Beautiful photos, I particularly like the second one, the building looks like it is glowing. Everyone seems to be walking here, I have never seen our local park so busy as it has been over the last few months! It’s now gotten worse as more people are allowed to gather. I hope you are and your family are staying safe and well x

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  3. Loved the photo tour of Helsinki. It is a wonder the boys haven’t patted a dog at child care. Lots of familes here have purchased an ‘iso’ puppy. We have also got a new puppy atm. The boys will ramp up the pressure in coming years, I suspect, once they get to meet a dog.

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  4. Just as a warning… your kids have started the “mom-can-we-get-a-dog” campaign. I started mine like that and, after 5 years of relentless badgering, we got one.
    I think a city with trams has an edge over one without. Trams, in my mind, are symptomatic of a polite place… don’t ask me why!

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  5. Thanks for sharing a fine walk. I love the photos, the second one in particular – the light and the perspective. I’m a walker too and the fact that I’ve been able to get out and exercise most days has been a blessing.
    As far as your boys and the dog goes, just remember Inspector Clouseau: “Does your dog bite?” “No.” Dog bites. “I thought you said your dog does not bite.” “That’s not my dog.”

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  6. How green is Helsinki right now! ❤ Finland is magical in summers 🙂 I often think about it and miss it. Trams are very popular in Poland too. There's a metro in Warsaw and it's also quite short and similar to the one in Helsinki 😀 I really liked the skytrains in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, nice views of the city from above the ground. Metro rides are boring hehe.

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    • I agree, above ground is more interestig than below! Is the skytrain in Singapore the one that almost flies a bit because it goes so fast??
      Helsinki isn’t really a summer town, there’s nothing to do here. Only 3 swimming pools and the polluted sea. But I guess summer in the countryside must be nice over here – I’ve never had the lakeside experience so I wouldn’t know. But at least Helsinki is green and the evenings are light and long – that’s nice 😊 Right now I’m really enjoying the fact that I don’t have to dress the boys in multiple layers plus outdoors overalls. Simple jackets are sufficient! 🤗 Is your life getting back to normal over there in Poland now, or are you still indoors?

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  7. Helsinki in summer looks heavenly! I know the season is short, but it sure looks sweet. It also seems like a manageable place to get through these crazy times. Wish I could bring my new puppy over for your boys to pet! 🙂 Stay well and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

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    • Ah how cute would that be, my boys would be over the moon if they vould pet your puppy! 😍 Are you sure you can’t pop over?! 😉 Actually one of my boys just told me today, as they got home from daycare, “Mum, I have important news! I petted a dog!” and yes, indeed he had petted a little sausage dog in the park! His dream came true!
      As for Helsinki, this crisis has really made me appreciate living here – for the first time, tbh! It’s been handled in a very civilized way. Stay well, Lexi!!

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  8. Wouldn’t mind to walk a few rounds at the beautiful city of yours! If there is no around that is. I was stunned when I read there is no one wearing mask because here, all is wearing a mask except at eateries when they need to open the mouth to eat, haha. How different it is really! Thank you for the tour, it’s a dose for nice TGIF 🙂

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  9. I haven’t been on the metro or any sort of public transport since March!! It will be strange to hop on one once I do. I’ve already ventured to restaurants and even that seems like a huge adventure 😛

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