Bubbles and No Walls

Ah, to live every day blowing bubbles and surrounding yourself with colors.

Why not?

The days have gotten longer, to the point where our three-year-olds must ask, “Is it time to go to sleep?”. Always dark or always light, those are our two seasons. Soon the sun won’t set at all. And then it won’t rise at all. And then come the short seasons in between, where you barely get to rediscover your wardrobe before the moment’s gone again.

Il faut en profiter, the French say. Enjoy it while it lasts. Working from home with the boys at daycare, I’ve had days with five meetings in a row. I took them to the park bench. It was sunny and I let the sun rays warm my skin while listening and commenting on my phone’s Teams app.

I was perfectly present in the moment, even more so than in the office, where I always daydream of something else – why can’t this be the normal way of working? It certainly seems healthier to be able to switch places and positions, instead of sitting at the same desk 8 hours a day, like a caged hamster. (And then running on a treadmill after work like a hamster on its running wheel.)

My colleagues miss the white walls of the office, its gossipy whispers and selective lunch invites. But I don’t. The sun is shining and I’m in my element. I might even paint my toe nails.

An office without walls – yes, please.

At daycare, the kids have been studying bugs. It’s all very cute. They bring home the songs about bugs, forming a happy little duet. One playing his kiddie guitar, the other his kiddie keyboard.

Like a lullaby, the song plays in my head at night. Even bugs seem tolerable now.

Stay safe!

33 responses to “Bubbles and No Walls

    • Definitely agree! Treat grown-ups like grown-ups and they’ll act like grown-ups. I can honestly say I’ve been a very good worker these past few months, not taking (or needing) as many breaks as we do at the office


  1. Seems like working from home is likely to become more of an option when things return to whatever passes for normal. I think quite a few businesses have found that employees like it and it works better for them, too. I guess it depends on a person’s line of work.
    When I worked at my local newspaper, half the time I worked nights or weekends, by myself or with one or two others. The rest of the time was a more regular office environment, but we mostly had a blast bouncing jokes off one another and being wildly inappropriate! I liked the mix of those two worlds.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

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  2. I’m happy to hear your work changes have been pretty positive! My husband has loved working from home so much that he’s not sure he ever wants to go back to the office. I have lost my job (it was small anyway), so I’ve taken a new one as owner of a new puppy … I know that’s not a real job, but it sure feels like one! 🙂 Enjoy the summer!

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    • I’m leaning towards the same as your husband, I don’t really want to go back, ever. But I don’t think that’ll be an option. The general atmosphere seems to be that everyone misses the office and longs to go back. Before this, we were allowed to work from home one day a week. Now that just sounds a bit depressing tbh!! Hey, congrats on your puppy!!!! How adorable!!!!! No chance you’ll be posting pics on your travel blog? Take care xx

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      • There’s always a slim possibility I will talk about or show our puppy on the blog, but in general, I skew more toward pure travel posts (as you know!). Every once in a while I get in a sharing mood, though, so you never know! 🙂

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  3. I love the positive vibes of this post, Snow. Is it the sun warming your skin while working? My husband has been working from home for almost three months already… And his company says they will come back to the office very slowly… Like 1 day every two weeks or something like that. I like to have him at home and I’m going to miss him so much when the “new normal” is over and the “old normal” is normal again…
    You know? I kind of miss summers in the north… the long days, the not so high temperatures (I’ve never liked the 40-something degrees in Spain and the feeling of melting shoes on the super hot streets of Madrid…), the green color everywhere (Spain is a bit too much golden and brown in summer for me… it feels even hotter than it already is!!). Now that I’m more or less in the middle between the superlong days of Scandinavian summer and the horribly hot summer in Spain, I think is perfect! Hehehe
    Take care, Snow!! And enjoy summer!

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    • It really is so green here already – though the sudden burst of green means pollen allergies get super annoying – but the sudden colors just soothe my eyes after a long winter of grey and black! And yes, I do feel so much more alive when the sun arrives! Even though it’s not that warm yet, it’s pretty tolerable, and the sun just makes it all better 😍If only we had swimmable beaches!!! Take care, dear Mercedes!


  4. Mietin juuri viikonloppuna, etten koskaan ole ollut näin tyytyväinen elämääni. Ei aamuruuhkia, ei hälyistä toimistoa. Ei liene tarpeen sanoa, että minäkään en kaipaa niitä seiniä siinä vanhassa rakennuksessa, sitä matalalla olevaa kattoa, ja sitä kelvotonta ilmanvaihtoa.

    Onneksi moni viisas sanoo, ettei vanhaan toimistotyöelämään ole paluuta. Samaa määrää ihmisiä ei yksinkertaiseseti voi enää tunkea siihen entiseen tilaan.

    Joka aamu toimistoon kokoontuminen on kivikautinen jäänne ajasta, jolloin aamu piti aloittaa saman liukuhihnan äärestä. Miksi ihmiset, joiden työ on oikeasti paikkariippumatonta, ruuhkauttaa päivä toisensa jälkeen tiet, raitiovaunut, bussit ja metrot? Miksi kokoontua riskialttiisti yhteen, kun vain harvoin sille on todellista tarvetta? Näin on hyvä. Nyt on aika muuttua.

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    • Juuri näin! Kuinka ilmasto kiittäisi jos aamuruuhkia ei enää olisi! Ja kaikilla olisi enemmän aikaa. Syövät kenties vähentyisivät kun meikkien kemikaaleja syöpyisi vähemmän ihoon (vrt esim. Cosmethics-äppi) ja olisimme heti kotona odottamassa kun lapset palaavat tarhasta tai koulusta. Olin paljon väsyneempi toimistopäivinä, ja meidänkin toimistorakennuksessa on sädesientä (puhumattakaan siitä, että se on aika karmea rumilus). Kuitenkin luulen, että mun työpaikalla ollaan jo innokkaasti tekemässä paluuta, mitä etäkeskusteluista olen ymmärtänyt… lähes kaikki ikävöivät takaisin!!!
      Toivottavasti työkulttuuri muuttuu – aika usein ihmiset myös unohtavat nopeasti ja palaavat vanhaan.

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  5. Ahhh…sunshine!! And I make it a habit to blow bubbles most days. I love the iridescent colors forming in the sunshine and the way they lazily float upon the wind. So peaceful.

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