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A Post About Nothing At All (And Some Surfing)

I always see posts that begin with, “Hey guys, you might have noticed I’ve been away, but nothing much was happening, so I didn’t have anything to blog about. But now I’m back!!! Aren’t you excited?!”

And then I keep seeing posts that go, “Five Blogging Tips for Newbies/Influencers/Growth Hacking! One: Don’t start your posts stating you were away (no one noticed) or that you have nothing to say (no one cares).”

I’ve also seen the posts that prompt you to write about your daily life if nothing else comes to mind – surely there must be something noteworthy you can think of!

Well, I’m going to start this post off by admitting that I have absolutely nothing to say. But I feel pressured to write something nevertheless – anything, really – because the new block editor is just around the corner and once that happens, I’m not sure you’ll be reading much from me.

I simply don’t have the time, energy or patience to learn how this complex monster of an editor works. Talk about making simple things complicated! I’m feeling intimidated.

So, in case you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s probably the editor’s fault.

(As if I’d been posting regularly all this time – I’ve been the queen of irregularity when it comes to posting! But it’s always a good idea to blame someone else. Growth hack number two.)

And so my post begins. Because I have no idea what to write, I’m taking a look backwards. Actually, Amanda’s excellent post gave me the idea to look back.

I thought I’d check if I’d posted something on my blog on this exact date at some point of my blog’s existence. Lo and behold, I found two such posts: May 22, 2017 and 2016. Scrolling my monthly archives, I realised to my utter shock that I’d actually been posting almost daily back then!

Most of the bloggers in the comment sections of these two posts are no longer in my blogosphere and I have no idea what happened to them. Manja’s familiar face is present, offering comfort. Thank you, Manja.

Of the two posts, I decided to have a closer look at the older one, posted in 2016 about a trip that happened in 2010. Oh my, I tend to get a bit nostalgic, don’t I?

The post was a photo report of when I shortly visited the Triple Crown of Surfing in Oahu, and that seems quite an odd coincidence because I had, in fact, just been talking about surfing with Véro yesterday. I think I even mentioned this very event.

Now I swear I don’t usually spend my time thinking about this comparatively short stop at a surfing contest that happened a decade ago. But do you know that phenomenon where you randomly remember an old school friend who you haven’t seen since you were 12, and then the next day that very person walks by on the street?

Looking back at the post now, it all seems a bit pointless – not the trip or the event, but posting about it. I was basically just reciting what I did that day, which isn’t very interesting, is it? Maybe I wanted to show the world those photos, I can’t remember. Maybe it was nostalgia.

Most probably nostalgia.

And blogging about my meager 4-week trip to Hawaii obviously now reminds me of the blogger Graham who I’ve had the pleasure of comment-chatting with lately and who actually lives there and blogs about it regularly. His blog brings some Hawaii into my day. Right now, in 2020.

And then it hits me: although I did plenty of Hawaii posts back in 2016, I haven’t actually gone through all of my Hawaii pictures to see if there’s something there that I could still post. Something I missed. A gem left out, calling to me from my digital photo album. A gem with a grain of sand stuck in the lens.

So, for old times’ sake, here’s a pointless photo post.

Maybe next time I’ll do the same for another trip – with a shorter intro!!! – if the new editor allows me.

Learning to use a new editor is almost like learning to blog again. Back to the basics.

Take care!

74 replies on “A Post About Nothing At All (And Some Surfing)”

Ahh! I’m glad I’m one of those who are still standing by you.

Even though I was perfectly happy with the old editor, I started to use the new block editor on my current blog without many problems. When you except it as the new normal, it will be easy. That is, when you stop rebelling against it. 🙂 We are similar in this. I also HATE it when without a good reason they change something that I’ve been happily using.

But you’ll see. When you feel the draw again, you’ll do more posting again. And if you don’t, you won’t. Nothing can be done forcefully. Maybe when the boys are twelve. 😀

I like this idea of revisiting past trips and searching for hidden treasures, and I love all your photos in this post. A great transfer.

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Thanks dear Manja! 😊 I just have a tendency nowadays to put off things that seem too complicated and this is one of them. Another one is for example finding nice curtains for my living room or measuring a large photo I have so that I can get a frame for it. Sometimes little things just feel too big.
Anyway, let’s see how it goes… 😋

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Any blog with a photo of Hawaii doesn’t need a purpose. I was supposed to be over there in a week for a wedding. As soon as they open up, I’m hoping the next plane (we’re only a 4.5 hours away). New editor? What new editor? I’ve been planting tomatoes!

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Hahah! Hope your tomatoes turn out yummy! (As I’m sure they will!) 😊 I live very, veeery far away from Hawaii, so 4,5h sounds delightful – let’s hope this all calms down soon and we can start making new plans, little ones and big ones.


A pointless photo post! Precious! At least you’re honest about it 🙂

I too, am dreading the imminent switch of WordPress editors. I’ve been avoiding the new editor for months. Soon it wont be an option. Yikes.

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Good luck, lets hope the block editor isn’t as bad as its first impression (I already had a little try, not impressed!). And just to clarify: I don’t think ALL photo posts are pointless, quite the contrary! I love photography and follow many photobloggers 💕 I just meant that my old post that I linked to was a bit pointless – the type of travel post that I wouldn’t read myself because it just lacks something… a point of view, a story. 😊

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I read the article you linked re the new block editor. You will still have the option to use the classic editor! Yay! It’s what I’ve always used and like you I have no desire to learn a whole new complicated way of posting when I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got.

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Well, I do hope you keep blogging. I enjoy your photos and your writing regardless of the subject matter (and don’t forget that Jerry Seinfeld had a long-running and enormously successful TV show which was about … nothing.). But you should do what works for you, especially in these strange times.
Don’t be put off by the new block editor. I’ve been using it for a while now and I can give it a rousing … it’s OK. Frankly, I preferred the old editor, but this one’s not hard to use, it’s just different. I can see it has advantages if your blog has a certain design, but with a simple layout like I use, I’m just dealing in text and photos as before. It’s like many software updates. It offers ‘exciting new features’ (which I don’t want or use) while dropping some old boring features (which I liked and used). This is progress.
Oh and thanks for the kind words. By the way, 4 weeks in Hawaii can give you a year’s worth of daily posts. I know that’s what I do!

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I’d gladly take 4 more weeks in Hawaii (or 4 years!). As for the editor, it feels a bit too late for features that offer easy quote highlights or text in photos, becauae nowadays (at least in my corner of the world), mobile/cell phone users are on the rise and fewer and fewer people actually look at a blog on the browser. Feeds and even WP’s own Reader erase most of the desinging the blogger has done. Oh well, it is what it is, as they say in Hawaii 😊

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It is what it is indeed. I don’t have a smart phone or tablet so I use a laptop for everything. I know this puts me outside the loop, but there you go. I’m not looking to take over the world or become an ‘influencer’ with my blog. Truth is, my theme hadn’t been updated for some time when I first started and now is years behind the time. I’ve been meaning to change it for a good while now, but haven’t got around to doing so. Like switching to the new editor, switching themes will probably be no big deal, but…

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I like mine too. I just want to run full photos, but everything is geared toward galleries these days, which don’t interest me at all. Mind you. I think I’m making this out to be a bigger problem than it is. Once I switch, to whatever theme, I’ll no doubt get used to it and wonder why I dragged my heels so much. That’s what I usually do!

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Are you referring to the usual block editor that was introduced a year ago? Or a new new editor that I might be unware of. Are you using the classic editor. I, naturally, used to use the classic editor and some of my old posts are still in that format. I changed over when it was all new and found within a couple of weeks, I forgot how to use the old classic editor. I do like the block editor so I hope they are not changing that. I do understand about using a new computer program though, and reluctance to have to learn a whole new system when you are very comfortable using something well known.
Give it a go though, you might be pleasantly surprised, and I don’t want to lose your posts from the blogosphere even if you think they are pointless. I don’t. They are reflective of your emotions and feelings and that is important.
I do agree with you on the – “sorry I have been away from the blog and haven’t posted for a while.” That is boring to read. It is tauntological – I think that is the word for superfluous words?

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Hey there! Yes, I was referring to the block editor that first appeared as a choice and now is becoming obligatory. In it, there’s the classic version but I had a try and it wasn’t exactly the same. Normally I’m all for change and learning new things, but right now I’m just too busy – blogging is how I relax and learning something new isn’t relaxing. I have to keep learning new things at work every day and so on my free time I just wanted to chill. Well, summer is on its way so I guess I’ll ditch blogging for a bit and try to read a book in the park instead 😊 Take care!


Ha ha ha … What an unusual post – even for you, creative writing Northern Witch!!!
Your love story with Hawaii is a never ending love story. These are the best.

And I belong to the nostalgic fan club too so I’m all with you on that. Actually not fan club… Because nostalgia can be the cause of so much pain sometimes.
I started an Amélie Nothomb’s book last week and learnt that in Japanese, there is one word for “nostalgia”. One word for the good positive warm feeling of nostalgia. But no equivalent for the bittersweet emotion and slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past.

Anyway… enjoy your beautiful photos. Have a great weekend.

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Great start, haha! I will soon have to write this post bc I’ve been away for months and still have nothing to say 😆 I would keep in mind this good formula for a post start))
Hope, you and yours are healthy and doing well! 😘😘

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Yes, long time! I’ve started working full time in February and this basically took all my zeal to be in front of pc 🙈😆
Totally locked down in Barcelona, a bit envious about Oslo – but slowly we get back our freedoms. Today we entered fase 1 of Desescalada, juhu!
How are you in these weird times?

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I’m well and the kids too, they were at home half the time and half the time at daycare – when they were home I had to work 8h and look after them by myself (without hubby) every day so I’ve been slightly annoyed at all the media coverage about people with soooo much extra time on their hands! And no stories about people who have the opposite! 😆 We had some known cases of corona in our apartment building and a month later at daycare too, so I wonder if we already caught it. Who knows? Finland didn’t really go into proper lockdown at all, we were allowed to go out daily the whole time, no reason needed. Even corona patients and the elderly were advised to get some fresh air, which I found odd. Anyway, so far so good. One day at a time. What work are you doing? Is it hot in your apartment? Take care!

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Dear Snow! Sorry for my late reply.
It’s good to hear that you and yours are fine. It’s been a difficult period for so many people! Couples and singles alike 😆
In Spain we had quite a harsh handling, 8 weeks of total lockdown with fines for going for a walk. For now, it’s ok, with obligatory mask use in every place. But I am afraid, the economy here will be hit hard, and we will see a new poverty wave.
I started in a customer service job, and spending 8h daily in front of a screen. Since March in home office 😊
I used to blog before from my Mac, loving to spend some time editing. But as you can understand, I cannot find myself at it after 8h staring into the screen. So all I do is sharing photos on Instagram 😆 I hope to get back to WordPress some time!
I wish you a lovely summer! 😘

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Nice to hear from you, Marina! ❤️ Summer’s already gone here, it’s 17C during daytime and people are wearing jackets. We are waiting for the 2nd wave but masks aren’t common yet. Good luck with everything! Maybe we’ll meet up one day in Barcelona after the virus is gone! 😁


True! I’ve been busy working the whole time though, no spare time for creativity! Working from home is lovely, I really like it, but since no one sees what you’re doing, I guess they all just assume I’ve got spare time coz the flow of tasks people are handing out to me is just never-ending! 😆 So yes, relaxing beach pics are 👍👍 Thanks for commenting!

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it seems there will be the possibility to use the old editor, it will be called classic block, read that in your link! why not a pointless photo post? a photo is worth a thousand words, they say:)

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Indeed, it’s somehow hard to blog about stuff these days. I certainly feel it. Whilst I would normally have a pipeline of things to say… now I don’t. I guess Priti Patel’s announcement of a UK quarantine for travellers (why now, Priti? Actually, why from the 8th?) has effectively put a mass damper on my plans. But hey, it’s nice to read from you again! Keep it coming please.

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I’ve been using the new block editor since I switched from the blog to my new website… Maybe it has now more options to post photos and so on, but I’m actually happier with it than with the previous one! For me, photos look better now than with the previous options… I don’t think the update will stop you, Snow!! 🙂
Uuummm, Hawaii… What a dream, spending 4 weeks there, wasn’t it? I’ve never been there, but seeing photos of fantastic sunsets, lush green forests, surfers on giant waves and tropical flowers make me dream with a trip there…

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I didn’t know about the new editor… now you’ve scared me! I’ve had so much trouble ajusting with the bits and pieces of regular editing the past few years and hated every single one of them, I don’t know what I’m going to do when the new one kicks in and am not even remotely prepared…

Anyway, thanks for the nostalgia! it’s always fun to talk a little nonsense and wonder what other nonsense we’ve been blogging about all these years. Besides, I always find that your nonsense or sense of nothing isn’t such at all anyway 😉

we’re here to have fun, really, aren’t we?!
I hope to read you again soon, this way or another…
Meanwhile, enjoy the day!

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Like others, i am perfectly happy with your seaside photos! Also like others, I’ve been avoiding that new editor thing, so I was thrilled to read Alison’s comment that we’ll still be able to opt out. Hope you are good outside of blogging!

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Beautiful, relaxing images, Snow. I also used to post almost daily and when I look back at old posts, I’m amazed at how many people seem to have disappeared from the blogosphere. Good luck with the Block Editor if you try it. I’m avoiding it like the plague, or should that be like The Coronavirus? 😅

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A nice post. Who says “nothing to say” is worthless? (Politicians do that all the time and it woks) (Please don’t go into politics…)
Thanks for the “beachlight”.
Now I am scared. New editor? Noooo.

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Hah, I’ve actually been saying one of my boys would make a great diplomat because he’s always negociating, either with me or his brother (take this grey little lego and give me that cool blinking-lighted truck! Look, the lego can be a sort of truck too, see?? And his brother looks at him suspiciously…)

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I am so late…a bit lame too.
I didn´t even know about that new editing tools? Lol
I´m still here Snow, maybe I dissapeared for a while, MIA but I would always be back to be in your page. I think I have missed a lot of your posts and its always enjoyable.
Keep on writing, keep on sharing.Your world is a beautiful one.

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Thanks Cristina dear! ❤ Are you planning on blogging more regularly now? My blogging pace and ambitions have slowed down quite a bit. And my "real" camera broke 2 years ago so there ended the photography focus! Maybe that was a good thing, because now I focus on storytelling, which I've always loved to do

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