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Things That Make Me Happy

Thinking of things that make me happy is like reading myself a bedtime story.

Off the top of my head:

-The sun is out and the birds are singing

-I still have a job

-I’m an introvert and most of my friendships are long-distance ones anyway

-I’m happy I managed to buy my kids new outdoors gear for spring just before social distancing started, since their old clothes and shoes were way too small

-I also happened to buy headphones for myself, what a stroke of luck. I was happy to discover Stranger Things wearing my new headphones, at night when the house was quiet

-My sweet little boys are now hugging each other more and showing empathy – last week, when one of them had a tummy bug, the other one brought him toys and tucked him in for a nap, stroking his hair

-The boys have learned to play together nicely (they are almost three now and nearly a meter tall)

-They are quite chatty and love singing

Now, this chatty point needs a whole chapter of its own in my bedtime story.

Since my blog is anonymous, let’s call my boys Rock Star 1 and Rock Star 2, nicknames given to them by Manja actually. For short, R and S.

Fragments of moments and chattiness

Outside our apartment building, there’s a terrace with tables and chairs. One day, R went and sat in a chair by the table and – in front of all the other kids and parents playing in the backyard – yelled at the top of his lungs,

R: “MONKEEEEEY, dinner time!!!”

I felt eyebrows rise. I swear he hasn’t learned that at home!


Hubby discovered one of our boys standing by our front door today.

Hubby: “What are you doing there?”

S: “I’m waiting for the tooth fairy.”


Whenever I address R with both boys in the room, S says, “I’m actually S, R is over there”

Yes, I know! I’m your mum, I can tell you two apart!


R slept badly. In the morning, I asked him what he’d dreamt of at night since he’d obviously had nightmares.

He replied, “Commercials.”


Quite often, S gets into storytelling mode and starts explaining a real-life event, sometimes from long ago. His eyes wonder upwards and his cute cherub cheeks get all puffed, and he adds words like “but” and “so” in funny places, yet telling the story with perfect clarity.

One such story is of the time a ladybug landed on his brother’s hand last summer. Their dad was there but I wasn’t, and that detail is always added to the story. And then the ladybug flew away.

Other things that have made me smile during the past week or so:

-The kids’ musical playschool teacher made a long video for all the kids to watch during the epidemic, with familiar songs. At the end of the video, she sang each kid’s name, and my boys are always so pleased to hear their names as part of the performance.

-There’s a “find the teddy” movement to give small wanderers and rock stars something to look at outside, now that their daily routines have been disrupted and they don’t have a clear idea of why they aren’t at daycare or why grandma isn’t coming over to say hi.

So today, we were returning from the playground and a woman opened a closed knitting shop’s door and waved at us frantically from a distance. As we got closer, she yelled “teddy bear!” and pointed to her right, closing the door and retreating inside. And then we saw it, a cute brown teddy posing in the shop’s window, waving at us. We stood there a while, the boys waving back at the teddy, delighted.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we survived today and now it’s time for bed. Good night! Let’s be randomly kind tomorrow.

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Such a sweet post, Snow:) Monkeeey dinner time- LOL!!!!! I LOVE the boys’ names!!! It is such an amazing feeling to see kids play together and have their own little world…isn’t it? I can totally relate to the story telling mode as my son is heavily into that and sometimes he gets into so many details that he forgets where he was going…and then bursts into laughter! My kids are trying to find something similar of their own though one being five and the other 16 months makes things a little challenging but they are improvising! And guess what?? I started writing a post with the exact title, that talks about, among other things, the way my kids are getting to know each other more, play better and so on! On some levels…most moms think and are inspired by similar things…wouldn’t you say! I wish I could send you a screen shot of my ‘blog ideas’ that has this title on the top, indicating that’s the one I am currently writing. I will include that with the post when I share it and tag you!

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It’s wonderful to focus on all the things that make (us) happy in times like this. I am trying to do the same. In some strange ways, I might miss a little bit of this period when it’s over; there’s a sweet simplicity to life right now. I love the amusing kid stories; I wrote many of these kinds of things down when my kids said them, and decades later we still have fun remembering them!

Seems like you are feeling better about the boys’ tummy problems. Hope that is all in the past now!

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I used to write down the boys’ funny little words. I’ve already forgotten things I wanted to remember but at least I have LOTS of photos of them! 😁
Happy to hear you are finding positives in this too. That simplicity that people talk about isn’t really present in our lives, ours actually got more complicated and twice as busy, since I’m now working from home while looking after the kids alone! (Hubby is still going out to work.) And each time I go out with the kids, I feel anxious: was this a silly thing to do? We are not (yet) advised to stay home, just to do social distancing. Even those who are quarantined are allowed to go out for a walk! So these slack rules mean that people are acting quite normal! 😬But we don’t have a backyard so we go out.
Anyway, hope you’re finding ways to unleash your creativity ❤️ Take care, Lexi!!!

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Ahh, what a wonderful post! ❤ I'm so glad you're calling them Rock Stars too. 😀 And so many great moments remembered and stored here forever. I love "commercial" and teddy bears hunting!! Did you see, in Canada kids draw rainbows and glue them to the windows. Do you have any rainbows there too? Maybe your boys can draw one or two. But most of all I'm glad to hear that they take care of each other. ❤ Soooo wonderful. All the luck to all of you. I wish you many many things and moments that make you happy.

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Thanks Manja! I’ve seen the rainbow drawings on Twitter but they aren’t doing them here, I guess the teddies are the same thing. I places some toys in the window too though I’m not planning on sharing them on social media 😊 Hope you have a good evening!

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Let’s be randomly kind tomorrow. I love that, Snow! These stories of the boys are a real delight to read and break the dreadful news pouring forth each day. I particularly chuckled at the nightmare of Commericals! Hilarious!
Your photos are perfect for me to drool over too. The red house and my precious birch trees – ah…. I relax seeing photos like this.
The Bear Hunt is in progress here too, I was going to try to find a bear to put in the window for the local kids but I don’t think I have any – anymore, or if I do they are packed away…. somewhere. Wait? I have a painted one. That would do, wouldn’t it?

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I breathed a sigh of relief about that. Mind you, the construction around us is keeping apace, no social distancing on building sites, it seems. But supplies could have been a big problem, given that we just came off the back of the bushfires and all.

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I hope your boys get to use their new spring gear soon 🙂 lovely emotional post, Snow, a wonderful reminder to count our blessings 🙂

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youre taking a great attitude into all this. Personally I feel like its a huge hill we are all pushing up right now. Still, i am in an ‘essential service’ so i should be ok but also more likely to be exposed. Very … refreshing (?) to hear about your kids!

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I loved reading your post. It reminded of the time with my kids when they were that age. It’s a good idea to write down those little moments now, it’ll refresh you later – just as much as the photographs, maybe even more. Thanks for sharing Snow 🙂

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Well, I don’t know what happened. I saw your post in my inbox 2 days ago and then, just now, realized it wasn’t there, but I didn’t remember responding. I’m blaming it on the virus since that’s clearly the cause of everything that goes wrong these days.
I like your happy stories and I love how you integrate the photos into it. I’m with R on the commercials. They’re enough to give anyone nightmares.
Be well.

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Your lighthearted post is a delight amidst the darkness. It made me smile, think and reflect on those little precious things we have around us, which shouldn’t be overshadowed by the situation we’re in. Sending best wishes to your and your cool rockstars, snow. 🎈✨

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Thanks dear Isabelle 😊 Life with little ones who are acting as normal, since they don’t know what’s going on, makes you realise life goes on. Some of us will not be here but the others will continue. Best to enjoy every moment. Take care! 😊❤️

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Thanks for reading 😊 We are still allowed to go out (even if you are tested positive or in quarantine! Seriously!!!) but actually I haven’t been out in several days either. The adventures can happen anywhere though, in your mind too 😊 Hang in there!!

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What a great reminder to be grateful for a that we do have during these stressful times. It sounds like the rockstars are full of moments that cause smiles. 🙂 If we all practiced being randomly kind, the world would be much happier for it. Stay well!

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