Black As Day

Much of my blogging endeavor has involved talk about the weather. And no wonder: I even named my blog after the weather! But what I really mean is that my blog has been a convenient channel for me to moan about Nordic winter, how long and horrible it is. Like therapy.

Surprisingly, my weather-related whiny posts have often gained more interaction in the comments section than many of the other posts that I’d actually crafted with love and care. I guess weather and climate are topics everyone has an opinion about.

Many a blog post on this site has ended with me and my dear readers from warmer countries debating which is worse: too cold weather or too warm weather. (If you ask me, I’m right of course: cold weather is much worse! And soon you won’t have to ask anyone because the climates are all becoming the same. How much of the planet will even be livable in a few decades – who knows. But I’ve enjoyed those debates.)

Back to winter: I’m still not a fan. My ideal climate would be the Mediterranean: Southern France, Northern Italy, Greece… all perfect. It’s not even the cold but the darkness, which loses its exotic charm when you actually have to live in it, month after month, year after year.

Fancy going for a picnic? Let’s wait 8 months! Want to take the kids out to play? Ah no, it looks like midnight, better stay inside. What about an evening walk? Are you crazy, it’s dark out there! Let’s just go to sleep early so we manage to get up for work again in the morning, and binge on vitamin D!

However… now that the apocalypse seems to truly have started with Australia burning and Greenland melting even faster than before, I feel petty about my complaints and I’ve decided to digress from my routine and not write a post complaining about winter this year. (I’ll just refer you to one from 2018, instead.)

And I offer my sincere concern for where the world is heading and cross my fingers and toes that our future generations will have homes, food, water, and health. Is humankind heading forward or backwards?

We were spoiled and enjoyed travel, fireworks, mobile phones and other devices, and carried on with these polluting activities like there was no worry for tomorrow. Was this the peak of all good times to be had? Is it already over – please convince me it isn’t!

Our winter over here on the opposite side of the globe from Australia (but not too far from Greenland) has been an unusually warm one*, meaning grey skies, lots of rain, and no snow (*the article says we’ll be “enjoying” warm weather today but fails to mention that it’s pouring rain with a wind of 10 m/s, so it’s actually not that enjoyable, in my opinion.)

Nature seems disoriented and unseasonal plants have been spotted here – I’ve even heard birdsong walking to work in the mornings, in the dark.

Ps. My next post will have a more positive tone, I promise!

55 responses to “Black As Day

  1. The low light images are lovely though. Do you have a sunlamp you sit under during the winter? I’ve always thought I’d have to have one if I were in a place with night or dusk and night all winter long.

    Heck, I think I’d need one even in Oregon where it’s rainy and gray a lot all year long!

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  2. Having experienced working during winter months in Europe before, i can say that it’s kinda depressing. When I see the sky get dark and I look at my watch and it’s only 4pm, and there’s 2 more hours to go before work ends… it’s really depressing.

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  3. We’re having another strange winter in Ontario. We get a bit of snow and then it thaws and it’s been doing that for two months now. I suspect that the snowmobiles may not get much use this winter as there’s no sign of enough snow to open the trails.

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    • Hello, Ontario 😊 Yeah, no ice rinks over here and my toddlers haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to experience snow properly, since they probably don’t remember last winter. Well, usually February is a real blizzard month so lets see how it develops!


  4. It seems the weather is weird all over the planet. Even in Moscow they had to put fake snow in the streets for a kind of make believe winter. Over here it’s grey and wet and ‘warm’, although like you said, the wind and wetness doesn’t make it feel warm. But! the days are lengthening again we northeners never give up hoping for some skatable ice 🙂 Your black day pictures are great!

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  5. Ah, the Winter Blues… I suffer from the lack of light too. Weather wise is the same here, not too cold but wet and incredibly windy, no snow…
    Lovely pics 🙂

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  6. We basically went from preparing to flee from wildfires to frantically cleaning out the rain gutters and now expecting freezing rain and snow and it is dark in our valley for all but a couple of hours. Hang in there – hibernate if possible! Write!

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  7. Just earlier today I had a look if you have posted. I was missing your posts.

    I suppose people either like to complain with you or try to convince you that no – they have it worse! 🙂 I think we are all in the same bowl and the fire below is melting the ice. The closer to the ice, the better. Unusual warmth is still better than extreme heat.

    Is humankind heading forward or backwards? Hm… I think humankind is broken a little and needs a fix. It may appear backwards to us who are used to having everything. We might be forced to realise how little we need for a good life.

    But yes, it’s so weird, all of it. For example, in Venice now there is a major low tide. Imagine that, gondollas are stuck in the mud. Where the hell has the sea gone??

    Positive tone, you say? I think heat is still better than ice age. 😀 We can run around almost naked…

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  8. You know where I stand on coldness and darkness, but I’m also with you on my concern for what is happening to our precious world. Hope you get a whole bunch of fluffy, white, bright, fun snow for your boys to at least keep the other winter blues at bay!

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  9. I think the darkness is the hardest thing. Where I used to live, in Washington State, it would get dark at 4pm in the winter. Even during daylight hours the sky would be gray and leaden. After 30 years there, I found it a bit depressing – and I’m from England!
    As for the best of times, I think it’s tempting to think of times we have experienced, particularly from our younger days, as the best ever. But I recall those best days being viewed by my parents and grandparents as everything gone to hell in a hand basket. These days are different than those days. Change is inevitable. One can only hope that everything turns out OK.

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  10. I understand your concern. As you know I left Europe (again) because of the low light in the winter. Now after a fortnight in Yucatan, cahrging up batteries, Mexico city is chilly. 5-6C in the morning, so we turned the heaters on. (Lasts one month, can’t complain) 🙂
    South of France? We will go to Montpellier this summer to se whether it’s worth buying a place… Spend more time in France maybe?
    And on the evolution of the world… The beach was very nice but littered with plastic. Plastic and plastic and plastic… A shame…

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  11. So many things to comment on…

    General small talk about the weather first :
    I’ve just check the statistics. In January my area enjoyed 11 hours of sun so far. 13 days got no sun at all. Today is January16th!! #depression!
    I don’t really mind the cold. I don’t mind the heat at all. But grey sky and rain I’ve had enough!!! You know that, we talk and mown about that regularly! But I don’t understand people decide to stay and live here. One thing is sure, I’m done with it.

    About the evolution of the world… I’m trying to do my own little bit to help. But there are massive change which should be done…
    I’m buying more and more bulk goods so I don’t throw away tons of plastic packaging. We managed to limit our weekly waste bin quite a lot. My veg come from the local market. I let myself be tempted by exotic fruit every once in a while but try not to do it too often. I buy 90% of my clothes second hand. We never leave lights on in an empty room. We take short showers and very rarely baths.
    On the other hand we’re very bad with cars (one of them run on diesel). We’re very bad with our antic heating system (domestic fuel). I’m very bad with planes (that’s how I go to Marseille very term). So guilty all the way… I wish our government would help families more efficiently with the transition…
    Anyway, here is a bit of sun to cheer you up…
    Not so great in Montpellier today:

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  12. I agree with you about nature being confused. I live in Utah and we seem to have less snow every year. I love your midnight at noon photos. My husband spent a couple of years in Norway, so knows all about this. Hang in there.

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  13. It’s funny you mentioned Apocalypse because that’s exactly what I thought last December as the bush fires started burning ferociously throughout NSW and the sky turned a brown yellow colour while the air was filled with smoke and ash. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like living where you do as our countries are so totally different in climate.
    Best wishes K.

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    • I saw so many apocalyptic photos in news reports that I stopped looking. A photo of a white horse running from a blast of flames has burned into my mind, hopefully not forever. I’m happy about the rain you now have. I have a nagging feeling soon everyone will have forgotten all about these fires… 😬 Thanks for reading! 😊

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  14. Ah I actually love your ‘whining’ about winter. Please continue posting about it, Snow. Im sure you know that I’m one of those who enjoys reading your winter posts. But this is making me worry. My kids are requesting to go to Finland this December to see some snow again. 🙂

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  15. I think it’s being a warm winter everywhere!!! Here in Switzerland is even dry… it hasn’t snowed in the mountains for more than 20 days and it looks more like April than January… Weird!! On a positive side, there’s still 2 months of winter ahead… I hope there’s some snow on the way!! 🙂 (Switzerland is one of those places where you can really see the effects of climate change… I’m not blind or denialist, but I don’t want to be a catastrophist either!!)
    If it makes you feel better, winter in South Europe is also dark, or at least in Spain… days are longer than in Finland, of course, but working hours are way longer too!!!! You work from 9 to 9 (with an extra long and weird time for lunch of 2 hours… which does not imply siesta!)… so you hardly see the sun when you go in the office and it’s night when you go out… I don’t miss that part!!

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    • Yes I remember those long work hours from France, it was like a competition to see who’d stay the longest at the office in the evenings!!! But then during the long lunches, they’d drink wine and relax… and then go to work! Over here you’d get fired if you had alcohol during your work day.
      And our winter lasts til May… well officially the calendar says otherwise but it’s usually around zero and snowy so in my book that’s still winter 😁
      Happy to chat with you, Mercedes! Have a great weekend!


  16. Lovely photos, Snow! I totally hear you as I hate winter days here as well! They are depressing and gloomy and the rain adds yet another layer of sadness that I could so do without! And I can relate to the kids’ situation as well…it’s all just crazy! My son has started saying why can’t we go somewhere warmer when it is winter here (he has just started learning about migration of birds!). I can’t wait for this to be over! And on the other hand, greed and narrow interests have run wild and catastrophic climatic events are becoming much more commonplace…it’s alarming and sad.

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  17. It’s bitterly cold in Canada, but the sun shines bright, which makes a huge difference. I’m not a teen-age Greta Tunberg, but I do have serious concerns about global warming. The fires in Australia and the melting icebergs are a giant wake up call, but, as you say … does anyone really care enough to act? Have a great weekend. Thank you!

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    • I have big hopes for Greta, but who knows. We had a rare sunny day today and boy did it lift my spririts 🙂 I read somewhere that it was just snowing in Spain.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂


  18. wait, black as a day means these photos were taken during the day? lol at you whining… I thought that was just constructive criticism 😀 lovely post, makes me smile, as all your posts do 🙂

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