Friendly Friday: Dramatic

Up close in Patagonia (2014)

I love a bit of drama in photos. Though funnily enough, the word drama now reminds me of guest host Manja – she can tell you why.

Anyway, this Friendly Friday’s photo challenge theme is Dramatic.

Show a photo of a dramatic event or scene, or add some drama to an ordinary photo by editing it.

For instance, adding contrast or deepening black points may add some extra effect to a photo. Experiment and have fun! Editing is, of course, also a matter of personal choice and you’re free to enter the challenge au naturel, too.

A dramatic moment I’m unlikely to forget

Getting squirted by a Southern Right Whale and her calf, and seeing them silently slide under our meagre boat are about as dramatic as I’m willing to get while wildlife-spotting. You can read about my experience here, if you’re interested.

Please join our friendly community, everyone is welcome to enter! Here’s how:

  • Create a post responding to the theme
  • Link that post to this one
  • Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your take on the theme – this makes it easier for others to find you
  • Check out some of the other entries!
  • There is no deadline, your entry doesn’t have to come on Friday! We are in a timeless zone here, Friday is a loose concept

Next week, look out for Manja’s prompt, since Amanda’s still busy settling in her new seaside house (lucky her!).

This is my second last time hosting Friendly Friday, a challenge Amanda and I came up with a year ago and started hosting last January, and my sentiments are dramatically bittersweet. Since I no longer have time to focus on hosting, I’m leaving the challenge in the capable hands of Amanda and Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles, who posts beautiful photos. I’ll still keep on blogging though – I’ll still be around. Perhaps even more so than this year!

But more about that next time. For now, let’s be dramatic!

Happy weekend!

90 responses to “Friendly Friday: Dramatic

    • Aww, thanks Marion! Of course I will, there’s no question about it. Hopefully now I’ll be able to concentrate on writing more 😊 It took me a long time to realise what I wanted to do with my blog! Thanks for reading, once again, and happy weekend!

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  1. Hhaha, drama indeed! 😀 I’m so glad that this word reminds me of me now. I will explain it all in my post but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Some real drama around here – we had a major storm and I’m not sure if trains run at all any more. I might need to go and fetch amore somewhere between here and Rome by car. No damage in our house but I haven’t been out at all yet.

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    • Yes, Leya, I’m certain you do understand, especially with the volume of responses you get to your prompts! Fun and rewarding, but time consuming – exactly that! I’ll miss it though! But this way, maybe I’ll write more.


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    • Yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion that a year is enough. I’m looking forward to getting into regular blogging, though this has also been fun and I’m very grateful for how well the challenge was received. Also happy that FFPC is continuing without me 😁


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  11. It’s funny that just today morning, I read a post about a dolphin that somehow reached a canal at some village in India which brought a bit of drama in the lives of about 10000 people. You can watch the video
    Then I found your post, which had the same theme – Drama :-)!
    So in response to the photo challenge, here’s my entry:

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  17. What an amazing experience it must have been!!! the overall trip too sounded wonderful…it made me add that to my travel list! I will be joining in this week, though I do not have even remotely cool! It is always such a treat reading your posts, Snow:) Warm hugs. And I loved Manja’s connection to ‘drama’!

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    • Thanks, dear Moon, for checking out the links too 🤗😘 Patagonia and Argentina were spectacular, we spent almost 2 months on that trip! (Way back in 2014 – where did the time go??) Big hugs to you too and your little sweethearts!


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  19. Here’s my link- you will be missed at the FFPC but I am glad that you will continue to write as you hopefully know, I, like everyone else,really enjoy reading your posts:)

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