Autumn Series: Clouds

Hello there!

I just saw from my stats that I’ve written 19.1K words on the blog this year – and you’re still around! Amazing! Thanks very much for sticking with me.

As you guys might have noticed, I’m more of a summer person and not a fan of winter at all. Real-life winter of a someone working full-time is nowhere near the hygge hype that happened last winter, or was it the winter before. Hygge is a marketing scam! (I know you won’t believe me but it needs to be said.)

Anyway… despite knowing it will inevitably lead to winter, I do love autumn. I can’t help it. Autumn is often quite colorful over here.

This autumn, however, I’ve been sick with a stubborn cough and a bunch of additional ailments, and the rest of the family, too. It’s a part of Finnish autumn – viruses circulating – especially with kids in daycare. So, I haven’t had the energy to really enjoy life after work and all my chores, which has lead me to miss out on most of the foliage fireworks this year… until last weekend, when we were finally able to spend a few moments outdoors.

These photos are from downtown Helsinki, believe it or not. It’s a little pond (well, a bay, to be precise – Töölönlahti Bay), not a large lake though my iPhone likes to exaggerate the shore-to-shore distance. You see, I broke my camera lens over a year ago and have since been dependent on my phone for images. I think my phone enjoys being in charge.

I was inspired and snapped away like a madwoman…  and so I’ll be doing a little series of these photos here on my blog. This is the first post of the series, curated around the idea of clouds, as the title suggests.

Weatherwise, it’s raining daily with strong wind and rare sunny moments like the one here in these photos. In the mornings, it’s 2°C and it can go up to around 8°C during daytime.

This morning, I decorated the stroller with reflectors because it’s getting dark already. I remember how they used to be a bit embarrassing when I was younger, but now they have gone en vogue. Everyone has one hanging from their coat or bag, the old and the young alike. And I would use them for my kids anyway, whether trendy or not!

Have you ever used reflectors? Maybe I’ll take a photo of them one day and post it here.

Hope you’re well!

89 responses to “Autumn Series: Clouds

  1. Stunning Autumn colour. This is so appreciated even though I have a lot of brown dustiness around me at the moment. I think I know that’pond’, although they could be more than one perhaps? 2-8 ah…sounds crisp, clean and cool. I love the angle to used in the tall grass too. Were you lying on the ground in that shot?

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  2. Reflectors are a must for both children and grownups here during the dark winter months. I frequently forget to wear one myself but insist on the little ones wearing reflectors on their way to school.

    Beautiful and serene autumn scenes. You really know how to capture a magical moment, snow. ✨

    Take care 🌸

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  3. I’m a summer person too, and spring and autumn are ok. I’m happy to escape to somewhere warmer though in winter. Our winter temperatures are usually between 12° – 20° in the day, and 2° – 8° at night. That probably sounds ideal to you, but we have cold winds, and lots of rain, so cold and dismal. Our summers can get up to 38° – 40° in the day, but we have air con for those rare temperatures, and the evenings are always balmy and beautiful.

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  4. These are so pretty! You know I feel similarly about cold weather, but fall does have lots of appeal with the bright leaves and the crisp air that makes you want to take a brisk walk and get some rosy cheeks and bundle up the kids and then get cozy indoors with comfort food and a warm drink.

    For a short time! Haha. And then take me back to summer, please.

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  5. Your phone pictures are great. Lenses allow us a bit more creative freedom though. I heard about hygge last year only. All of sudden you read more about it. What you say is right. It’s a marketing ploy

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    • Oh yes, hygge and winter wonderland are both marketing ploys. Sure, winter lovers love snowy days skiing and whatnot, but the truth is that if you have to work Monday to Friday there’s not much time for that. Reality is a bit different. As for the phone pics, I do miss havinga camera. I feel like my phone pics are very flat and same-same. With a camera you can do more and, like you said, get creative!


  6. Sorry to hear that you’ve all been sick, I hope the bout of illness is coming to an end. This Autumn has been beautiful but I’m sad to say the leaves are falling rapidly and it will soon be over. So out with the Christmas lights! 😁 Btw, reflectors seem to be a Finnish thing, none of my Nordic friends use them. Oh, but I heard you can be fined in Tallinn if you aren’t wearing one. Good to know!

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  7. I live the autumnal tints but no do much the thought of winter. Sory to read that you’ve all been under the weather. I had. Head cold last week too which left me drained of energy for a couple of days. Hope you have a lovely family weekend!

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  8. Amazing photos! Fall is gorgeous when changing colours, here, in Canada as well. One of my favourite season😊 (before the heavy rains and winds come LOL).
    Not sure if you have (heard) of black radish – always a great&natural remedy for cough. Wishing you the best of health!

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  9. 2°C to around 8°C … Makes me want to lie down on the ground… Just kidding!
    Lovely photos which could make me love autumn… if I didn’t hate the rain so much 😉

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  10. These are seriously gorgeous photos. ❤ So glad that you had at least one such wonderful autumn day outdoors. Your phone is doing a great job – and you behind the wheel as well of course.

    I'm not taking daily photos any more. It might be because of that thing happening in August that took my joy away, or because of the incoming winter, or just the state of this world in general, but I don't just look any more and see joy. This would belong to my Secrets post (great theme!) but I don't wish to be negative for Friendly Fridays.

    So instead I'm watching The Killing series (Danish, not American) since yesterday (dubbed into Italian, it's hilarious) since yesterday and I blame you and that hygge article. 😀

    As for reflectors, I imagines something completely different: a shade of some kind to bring more light into the stroller or something. 😀 😀 (And no, I never used anything like this.)

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  11. Oh, impressive colors, Snow!! I’d love to see the Finnish autumn one day! With all those lakes and reflections… look so dreamy and beautiful!!!
    Weather here in Switzerland is also a bit miserable… Well, not so much, just during the weekends! Rainy weekends mean no mountain and no autumn photos… So I’m a bit frustrated this year… And last weekend I was in a wedding in Seville, Spain… They don’t have proper autumn colors in Andalusia!! They don’t even have autumn temperature, hehehe (30º C in mid October… even if I’m Spanish, it seems crazy to me!)
    About the reflectors… I remember seeing them in Stockholm a few years ago… but only old people and small kids wore them! I even considered buying one myself, as all my winter coats were black, hehehe It’s fun to read that they are “cool” these days!

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  12. Your phone is doing a fine job. These are very nice photos and what a wonderful area regardless of whether it’s in the city or not. I used to like Autumn too and now I’m in a place that really doesn’t have them – and I’m not missing them. How fickle is that?
    Our change of season is marked by the arrival of humpback whales, which have already been spotted off the coast, though I haven’t seen any yet.
    Good luck with winter. I’ll try not to rub it in too much from here.

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    • Yes, a little bling that reflects light, you hang it onto your clothes. It’s dark here most of the day during our veeeeery long winter so no wonder you wouldn’t know, coming from sunny Australia 🙂 There’s a link in the text with more information


              • Kiitos, Lumi. No, no sabía que hablabas Español. 🙂 For me Spanish was a nightmare starting to learn. Irregular verbs are treacherous. But so are the French irregular verbs. 😉
                And yes I’m totally fluent in Spanish. (From there Portuguese is easy)
                Any other language that you speak?
                Hasta luego.

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                • Well, I studied French for 12 years (in a funny way it brings back childhood nostalgia because I started at 11), Italian for 1 or 2 years and it was super easy, Spanish for 5 years and spoke it perhaps even better than French but now I’ve forgotten (I understand everything just fine but can’t conjugate verbs anymore), Swedish for I don’t know how long but I actually ended up doing my Uni business studies entirely in Swedish and through a string of coincidences it went on to play a large part in my life during my twenties. (I’m 41 now so that was a while ago!) And, like everyone who speaks Swedish well, I can understand Norwegian (and written Danish but not spoken). I used to work with Norwegian colleagues and customers at some point. There was also a brief moment in my life where I had Dutch roommates in France and after a couple of months of listening to them, I could understand them. (Dinner, they were always planning dinner.) 😊And you?

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                  • Well done. I am impressed. Yes, Swedish is a key to all Scandinavian languages. That’s quite a decent number of languages. Dutch planning dinner? How weird. 🙂
                    I speak half a dozen languages. Mostly related to where I lived, French would be my mother tongue and English my “Father” tongue. His mother, my grandmother was nglish so he was bilingual. Spanish which I learned at school. Then I picked up Portuguese, literally in the street on two trips to Brazil. I used Spanish and a bit of Latin. I can defend myself in Italian. (Romance languages). I understand 30% German, more written than spoken, and a bit of Dutch, lived in Amsterdam for 3 years. OMG, the winter! 😉 (Another reason I understand how you can feel about the winter.)
                    You seem to have a talent for languages. Are you still using it?
                    Buona notte.

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                    • Unfortunately not. The last time I used my languages was in 2010 when I was still working as a flight attendant. And in 2014 on our long trip to Argentina. But by now they have mostly been forgotten and gone to waste! ☹️ My language skills aren’t needed anywhere, it seems, and my current job only requires Finnish, unfortunately. I don’t think they even know I speak
                      English on a native level. (Again, the Martian thing. Blend in to survive.) Out of my languages, Swedish is the one I could easily revive. The rest are just on a good to know basis, they serve me when traveling: I am not completely clueless though people often seem to think that (maybe the blond hair and friendly face?) 😊 As for Portuguese, the pronounciation always seemed hard to me (same with French) but I did have one summer which I spent in Italy, and hung out with some Brazilians for two weeks. They only spoke Portuguese but we communicated just fine. I used a mix of Italian and Spanish, since by then I had forgotten my Italian and Spanish was more fresh in my mind 😊 We are definitely related, Brieuc!

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                    • Welcome to the Martina family my dear Niece. 🙂
                      Portuguese is actually easier for the French than the Spanish or Italian. Don’t know why. The Portuguese actually have 3 kinds of R, one very similar to the French R, hard, like a German R.
                      Don’t worry, languages are always useful. At least they won’t think you’re American! 😉 Though Americans have made great progress in languages in the past 20 years.
                      Bon week-end again.

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